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Saturday, July 3, 2021

The little manager.. His dilemmas and challenges

The little manager.. His dilemmas and challenges


Today we would not have talked about the small manager and his dilemmas and challenges if not for that coup in the administrative structure of the various institutions; the face of work has changed radically, and we are seeing young people in high managerial positions.

Although something like this was not foreseen or foreseen a few years ago, the novelty of age now-if it involves limited years of experience-is an advantage rather than a disadvantage; as long as the world has changed, it is certain that older people will not be the best choice to take over.

Those who were born in the midst of these changes, and who knew only this version of the world, will undoubtedly be able to deal with their problems and challenges, hence the talk about the small manager and the advantages and challenges it entails as well.

In addition, the company's refusal to take on such a small manager, and its requirement of age as the main criterion for promotion and high management positions means, without what it means, that this company is old-fashioned, that it fights with rusted rifles, and that-with people far from the current developments-it will not be able to absorb and deal with the changes of the world.

The little manager's dilemma

Despite the bright nature of the offer we just mentioned, the young manager has a lot of problems, especially at the beginning of his tenure, and he also faces a lot of problems and challenges.

First of all, being a manager-whether you're young or old-means you're in front of a huge responsibility; often you're in charge of a certain number of people, a certain budget of money, let alone if the young manager is where we're talking?! The challenges will undoubtedly be more and more complex.

One of the challenges faced by a young manager-for example, not exclusively-is that older people will question him, and his abilities and competencies. This may cause the staff to lack confidence in this small manager.

So it can be said that the battle to gain trust will be one of the great battles that the young manager must win, and there is no need for him to do so, otherwise he works with people who do not trust his judgment, opinions and decisions.

The little manager's dilemma
The little manager's dilemma

Not to mention the challenge of managing differences between generations; a company that has opted for a small manager in its management ladder undoubtedly has a lot of people of different ages, so a small manager must be able to manage the differences that inevitably occur between these people and exit them successfully.

Ways out of the crisis

We have elaborated on the challenges in the way of the small manager, which are even more than we have come to mention, but the picture is not too bleak, as this small manager can succeed in his task, by following those tips, some of which "entrepreneurs" mention as follows..

Don't assume anything

Sure, a young manager will be in charge of people older than him, but he must not hold the matter beyond what is likely, and do not assume that these people will not fulfill his order or will belittle his opinion, he must act normally.

He assumes nothing, expects nothing, but at the same time will be ready to manage difficult situations. In short what we want to say at this point: to the director little with it as normal, even people behave naturally also.

What age is suitable for managerial positions
What age is suitable for managerial positions

Open door policy

You need to remember, young manager, that you are now not only responsible for yourself and your career development, but also for the rest of the people who work with you, so if you really want to succeed in your task, you have to open your doors to everyone.

Not only that, but to be open-Breasted; to hear others ' criticisms with complete comfort; to give them confidence in you on the one hand and to be able to address your mistakes on the other.

Freedom of performance

We know that being a manager is small, especially if you've got newly produced, it may pay you to flow in both small and large tasks of your employees; you want to prove yourself in every aspect of the job.

But what camels do, such an act will have serious consequences, and then you will fail in your interest when you want to succeed, and instead you have to leave enough room for freedom to perform; so that your employees can be creative, and to trust you in the first place.

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