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Affiliate Marketing Without a site – Can You Do It in 2021?

 Affiliate Marketing Without a site – Can You Do It Successfully in 2021?

Short, answer? Definitely, you can do affiliate marketing without a site and bring in a considerable amount of cash, even in 2021. 

Long answer: It depends, however overall I don't suggest it…


Affiliate Marketing Without a site

What's more, here's the reason: 

You don't assemble a significant resource that can develop after some time, and you will not have the option to cash out on it later in the event that you choose to offer it and move to something different. 

Each time you attempt to advance a partner offer and you send traffic directly to an associate item's site, you lose a huge load of significant worth and information. 

All things considered, you ought to send that traffic to your own presentation pages and sites and attempt to grow a genuine resource around that specialty so you can have some security in the event that you need to change specialties at a future time. 

You can rapidly sell the site for a major amount of cash, and proceed onward with your life… 

On the off chance that you don't have your own site, you basically lose that chance, and on the off chance that you need to move to something different or if an offer doesn't work any longer, that is it, you need to begin from 0 once more. 

Another motivation behind why having your own site is significant while doing affiliate marketing is that you can make explicit greeting pages for the items that you are advancing. 

These greeting pages (95% of the time) will help increment your transformation rates essentially at that point on the off chance that you were simply to just direct connection traffic to a affiliate URL. 

You can change numerous things on these presentation pages to build the transformation rate, you can likewise have the chance to talk and clarify more things about the subsidiary item or administration that you are advancing. This is additionally lovely significant for guests, and they will settle on a more educated choice now on the off chance that they need to proceed with the buy or not. 

In any case, those are my sentiments however, you can decide to follow them or overlook them it's dependent upon you truly, and like I said you can in any case do affiliate marketing without a site.

So here are 10 different ways how you can do Affiliate Marketing Without a site:

1. Email Newsletter

affiliate marketing programs

You can begin an email list without a site. Just part with something of significant worth and promote your email bulletin wherever you can. 

Most email advertising administrations will have a choice to give you an immediate connection that contains your email structure so that individuals can buy in to your rundown (the structure will be facilitated on your email's administration workers, so that is the reason you can do this technique without having your own site). 

You would now be able to send your email list a great deal of good and accommodating free data like digital books, guides, courses, assets, and so on… and furthermore advance some offshoot items every once in a while. 

Try not to try too hard with the subsidiary items advancement however, such a large number of special messages, and you will be considered as nasty and individuals will withdraw rapidly from your rundown. No doubt be cautious session that. 

To put it plainly, email advertising is likely one of the better methods of doing subsidiary showcasing without a site, and regardless of whether you do make a site eventually, having your own email rundown will in any case be a vital resource for have as far as traffic and income.

2. PPC Advertising

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Okay… so this is my meat and potatoes. This is my main thing more often than not when I need to advance affiliate items and offers. 

I do anyway utilize my own presentation pages and sites while doing this, yet at times I additionally direct connecting (direct connecting implies when you send your traffic straightforwardly to the offshoot item's URL without sending it to your site first) 

There are numerous methods of doing PPC publicizing, particularly in 2021, of late, I lean toward the push and local promoting traffic however. Yet, by and large, it's a similar idea, with PPC (pay per click), you should invest cash each energy somebody taps on your promotions. 

You can join numerous promotion organizations on the off chance that you need to do this, like Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Look at my modest site traffic list. 

The issue is however, that greater promotion organizations like Google Ads, won't endorse your missions too as often as possible in the event that you don't have your point of arrival or a site between the advertisement connect and the last associate item URL. 

Another issue is that with organizations, for example, Google, Bing, and Facebook advertisements, the presentation page is firmly identified with the CPC (cost per click) of your paid traffic crusades, so to bring down that CPC significantly more (to get more benefits), you should suffer a heart attack and pertinent greeting page to the item/administration you're advancing. 

On the off chance that you need to do affiliate marketing without a site and you need to make PPC lobbies for simple and quick traffic, I propose you avoid the greater promotion organizations. 

Use advertisement stages like PropellerAds, RevContent, MegaPu.sh, and so forth… With these organizations, you will actually want to do coordinate connecting to partner items without such a large number of issues. 

You can even have a go at Bing Ads (yet you need to have an incredible member item that has a quality point of arrival)

3. PPV Advertising

Affiliate marketing without a website

Popads is an incredible PPV promotion network that highlights popunders and popups PPV traffic. 

PPV represents Pay Per View, so it's somewhat like PPC (pay per click), however as opposed to paying when somebody taps on your advertisements, you should pay each time somebody sees your promotions. 

Typically, the PPV designs are pop-ups, pop-unders, and interstitials. 

Contingent upon the offshoot items that you're advancing, now and again PPV can be even a superior method of paying for traffic than PPC. Particularly on the off chance that you need to advance offshoot offers from the Casino and Adult specialties, which are by and large prohibited from each major PPC promotion network out there. 

In principle, you can do offshoot showcasing without a site and sending PPV traffic straightforwardly to your partner item's connection. 

But since of the idea of PPV traffic, it's somewhat harder to get changes on the off chance that you don't utilize a point of arrival however, yet it should in any case be possible for instance in the event that you direct connection to a dating CPA smartlink that has its own pre-landers.

4. Social Media

Affiliate marketing websites

Okay, this one is a simple strategy to do partner showcasing without a site. You basically make an honest effort to get a ton of genuine adherents via online media locales like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and so forth… 

You can do that by making and posting continually, incredible substance identified with the point and specialty of your partner items and administrations that you need to advance. 

Try not to make social media pages that are not explicit to a specialty. 

You need to make for instance a Facebook Page just for solid tips (and you can advance wellbeing related member items), or an Instagram page for canines where you post astonishing canine photographs each day and afterward you can advance some canine subsidiary items. 

When you get a couple hundreds or thousands of adherents to your web-based media pages, you would then be able to begin and add member item connects in with the general mish-mash, and advance a portion of these offshoot items and administrations consistently, in the middle of other quality posts.

5. Gatherings, Blogs and Communities

How to make money from affiliate marketing

Join and register on the most famous discussions, websites, networks, and gatherings that you can discover all around the web for the specialty and subject you're member items are in. 

Once more, with this strategy for doing affiliate marketing without a site, you should just join explicit specialty gatherings and networks and not general ones. 

The objective here is straightforward… 

You join on these sites and you begin drawing in with the local area. 

More often than not you will actually want to have a gathering mark (where you can add your partner connections), or you can post your affiliate links in a Facebook group, or you can utilize your affiliate link as your site when you compose a remark on somebody's blog. 

For instance, in the event that you need to advance a subsidiary item like "How to prepare your canine", you will feel free to look through every one of the significant discussions, sites, and gatherings that you can discover, and join and draw in with every one of them, while dropping your member interface to a great extent occasionally, without spamming and causing an excess of interruption to the ordinary progression of discussion. 

Discover Reddit subreddits, Quora questions, Facebook Groups, enormous discussions, and web journals, and so forth.

6. Offline Ads and Flyers

how to start affiliate marketing

This technique may be a touch more capricious particularly in this advanced age, yet it can in any case work whenever done effectively. 

Prepare your subsidiary connections and abbreviate them up utilizing a help like Bit.ly for instance, and afterward you can make promotions in neighborhood papers (that are truly modest), or share a few flyers, or set up a couple of banners

This can be truly beneficial in the event that you target explicit items and administrations that function admirably disconnected, for instance, vehicle barters, voyage ships, sleeping cushions, plumbing administrations, and so on… (you need to get an inventive here). 

You can likewise plan and have a couple of business cards that you can use to advance explicit items at nearby expos.

7. Solo Ads

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In the event that you don't have your own email bulletin, you can simply proceed to purchase snaps and traffic from others who as of now have an email list in the specialty of your partner items. 

For instance, you can go to a site like Udimi.com (not to be mistaken for Udemy – the stage for online courses), and quest for advertisers that have email records in the class of your subsidiary offer. 

In the event that you need to advance a getting in shape item, you can feel free to choose your specialty (wellbeing), and look at all the dealers that can send you email traffic for wellbeing related items.

Cloudways web hosting affiliate program

I blacked the countenances and names of the dealers for security reasons 

The value you see is the thing that you should pay for every guest that the performance advertisement merchant is shipping off your member URLs. 

You don't have the problem of getting your missions affirmed without a greeting page (like you would experience with enormous PPC advertisement organizations), so this is an extraordinary technique to do affiliate marketing without a site. 

I prescribe you to attempt to begin an email list with this strategy and diverting guests to the associate URL following they join to your email list.

8. YouTube Channel

Affiliate marketing course free

A YouTube channel acts very much like a site somehow or another. You furnish your supporters with free substance constantly, and afterward you can add partner items and offers inside your video depiction or all through your recordings. 

Making your own recordings for your YouTube channel is presumably the following best thing that you can do in the event that you choose to do affiliate marketing without a site. 

For instance, the most bought in YouTubers on the planet don't make the most measure of cash on the stage. Did you realize that? In the event that you thought PewdiePie was the most extravagant youtube in view of his enormous measure of supporters then you will not be right. 

Sure he rakes in tons of cash, however as a rule, individuals who get the most cash-flow on youtube are the ones who are surveying items. 

An eight-year-old child surveying toys was YouTube's most elevated worker in 2019. 

Insane right? 

All things being equal, there is a huge load of rivalry on Youtube these days, and to make it work, you should make and transfer ordinary recordings and attempt and assemble your own after. It should in any case be possible, even in 2020, yet it will require somewhat more hustle and work

Additional tip: You can proceed to share your recordings on other mainstream video stages like Dailymotion.com and Vimeo.

9. Classified Ads

Best products for affiliate marketing

I've discussed this somewhat in the disconnected strategy above, yet you can likewise post characterized advertisements on top online sites and incorporate your associate connections inside those promotions. 

Craigslist isn't the lone mainstream grouped promotions site, there are various more, and you can likewise feel free to utilize coupon locales as well. 

There are partner programs that have novel coupons for their associates to utilize, and when somebody utilizes that coupon the offshoots get credited with the deal and get a commission. 

I couldn't say whether individuals actually do this, however numerous years back, offshoots would go on Craigslist for instance, and post an advertisement for suppose a utilized XBOX, and requesting an extremely low cost, for instance even $100 off now and then. 

Individuals would, obviously, be intrigued and reach them by email promptly, the associate would then advise them: "Sadly, I previously sold the XBOX, yet I won it for nothing from this site - INSERT AFFILIATE LINK-, and you can attempt to win one as well on the off chance that you need". 

That is one imaginative way that you can do affiliate marketing without a site utilizing arranged advertisements and coupon destinations. 

There's truly not that a lot to discuss this strategy, it's simple, straightforward, and successful, however you must be mindful so as not to get hailed as a spammer on various characterized promotion locales.

10. Free eBooks


You can make an eBook, and discussion momentarily about the overall point that is identified with your partner items. 

You should simply to add your associate connections inside the digital book. 

You currently add the book and part with it for nothing on destinations like Amazon, and huge loads of other digital book and giveaway and gifts sites. 

Each time somebody will download your free digital book and read it, they will likewise see all your subsidiary connections inside, presently when somebody taps on them they go directly to the member item's site to request, and you get credited with the deal. 

Put some exertion into the digital book however, give it a smooth plan and some important substance. 

For instance, on the off chance that you need to advance a few pets protection CPA offer, you can make a digital book identified with canines and canine wounds, and how to forestall them. Or on the other hand broad wellbeing points about pets. 

Presently you can add your pet protection CPA interface wherever inside that digital book, and you will actually want to bring in some pleasant cash on the off chance that you get a huge load of downloads on your free digital book and in the event that it gets shared a great deal on Facebook or other online media destinations. 

This is an extraordinary method to do affiliate marketing without a site, and it's quite simple to pull off really since individuals need FREE SH*T constantly 🙂 

Look at a more top to bottom guide of What is CPA affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: Doing Affiliate Marketing Without a site

Like I said toward the beginning of this article, while I don't prescribe you to do affiliate marketing without a site, it should without a doubt be possible. 

I've done it ordinarily in various specialties and for certain items that I knew would change over additional by sending traffic straightforwardly to the offshoot URL as opposed to sending it through a presentation page of mine. 

In any case, to sort out if it's smarter to send traffic through your greeting page or if to guide connect to the partner URL, you should utilize a tracker like RedTrack or FunnelFlux to try out your traffic between the two alternatives. 

As far as I might be concerned, utilizing a presentation page expands my transformations without fail, and furthermore I can bring down costs significantly simpler and furthermore get my missions affirmed quicker in case I'm doing paid publicizing (which is the thing that I'm doing 100% of the time haha).

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