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3 rules for marketing a successful project.. How to satisfy your customers?


3 rules for marketing a successful project
3 rules for marketing a successful project

Marketing is science or art? But what we mean here is that there are rules for marketing a successful project that you need to know and understand in order for your project to achieve its desired goal.

Perhaps this implies that we believe that marketing is more a science than an art, and that is the case; like any science it has its own rules, otherwise we wouldn't be able to talk about rules for marketing a successful project in the first place.

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Essence of marketing

But before we talk about the rules for marketing a successful project, we should refer to the very essence of marketing; it facilitates the task and helps readers to understand what is needed.

If I asked 5 experts about the definition of marketing, each of them would have come up with a different definition, even though they know one science: marketing, but each of them also deals with a certain angle.

This to indicate that these 3 rules for marketing a successful project you may find others suggest others, but he certainly couldn't deny it, all there is to the dispute may say about the feasibility and effectiveness of this rule or that.

Moreover, marketing is too broad, with too many angles and distinctions, so its rules and even its strategies are endless, and we continue to witness the development of new marketing methods and strategies.

Indeed, the source of this difference is the customers themselves; marketers strive, as far as they can, to find the best and most appropriate ways that satisfy the needs of customers and satisfy their desires, but these needs are only changing; therefore, marketing strategies and rules had to be changed as well.

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3 rules for marketing a successful project

"ExplanationsPro" monitors the 3 most prominent rules for marketing a successful project as follows..

  • Know your customers and satisfy their desires

This is the first of several rules for marketing a successful business; as a marketer you are obliged to please your customers and not market your product.

But this will be only by closely studying and knowing customers, accurately determining what they want, and trying to solve their problems in the way that they themselves please. Surely, this customer study is the founding step of the whole marketing effort; you head to a particular category and then you have to know it like the palm of your hand.

We do not need to remind you of the importance of customers, and to constantly work on their sustainability and attract new customers, for your project; there is no product/ project without customers. The whole marketing is originally an effort to satisfy customers and satisfy their desires, whatever the ways we go in order to achieve it.

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How to satisfy your customers
How to satisfy your customers

  • Purpose and importance of the project

You may think that this is attached to the management of marketing, but if the purpose of the project, its mission and importance are related to the management, it is attached to marketing as well; so we chose to consider it within the 3 rules to market a successful project.

If you yourself, as an entrepreneur or product/ project owner, do not know exactly what the project is about, what its importance is, as well as the inevitability of knowing all your employees, you are unlikely to hear from you, neither from the clients nor from the investors and financiers.

Originally, you don't mess up random, and you launched your product for a specific purpose and to solve a specific problem, and profit is not everything anyway, and getting profit is only the next stage after successful marketing.

Wisdom requires you to be wise even in the solutions you put forward, and for clients to feel passion and strong faith in the message your project represents or implies.

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  • Taking competitors seriously.

You are not the only one working in the market and your product is not the only option available to customers, your heart must be on these issues, it is one of a range of rules for marketing a successful project, of course it is tempting to believe that your product is the best in the world, but be careful to

There are strong competitors, and they may have better and better products than your product, and what you have to do is tell them closely, know their strengths and weaknesses, And try to find you a loophole to implement them to your customers, thus I knew the 3 most important rules of marketing a successful project, and you only need the start and development.

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