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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Catching the customer or marketing as a daunting task

Catching the customer or marketing as a daunting task
Catching the customer or marketing as a daunting task


Experienced marketers see themselves as snipers, and the market is their sea to delve into, and then the idea of catching customers is the ideal target for every marketer, but this, in itself, is not all marketing; marketing is the sustainable relationship with customers and not just attracting or catching them.

But this marketing booty - that is, catching customers and catching them-is by no means easy, especially as we are in a digital age and there is a great possibility to reach a large segment of customers, but not only that, but even just to offer cheap products, which can be marketed on social media easily and easily.

The difficulty of marketing in this digital age has drawn the attention of a wide range of marketing experts and theorists, such as: David Avrin “Visibility Marketing” Grant Leboff is the author of the book “Stickier Marketing”, The authors elaborated on the task of marketing at the moment, and each put forward several ways and means by which the marketing gain can be achieved, the maximum number of customers, and the launch of a sustainable relationship with them.

Catching customers
Catching customers

Contemporary challenges

David Avrin argues that it is not enough for companies, who want to stay in the market, to not only be in a good position, but they have to be the best, or at least better than they themselves have been in the past.

Business success, too, is not just about gaining customers, but attracting them from your competitors, i.e. it's like going to war with your competitors in order to win some booty, which is the customers. If the marketer adopts such an order, he has to completely change his strategy, it is no longer about selling to this or that customer but recording a victory over competitors.

It is self-evident that companies with little or no customers fail either sooner or later. If, in ancient times, marketing was trying to offer a solution to a problem, then in the age of competitors it had to offer a product that would be the best solution to the problem it addressed.

Excellence as a necessity

Now, in the age of abundance and abundance, excellence is an imperative, that is, the product you offer must be more distinctive, more creative, more responsive to the wishes of your customers, through this excellence you can find yourself a foothold in the market.

Marketing as a daunting task

If you want to capture the attention of your existing or target customers, your company needs to be convincing in everything it says or does. Another thing to take into account is that what is important is not what you like to say but what the customer likes to hear.!

Consistent with the above thesis, David Avrin presents his thesis on Visibility Marketing as delivering the right message wherever you are, and wherever the prospects of that very message are; through strong, smart, and regular promotion.


Excellence can come in any marketing step / stage, but in a part of the product, and this way of selecting the distinctive part of the company that it will compete with later is definitely related to the way it positions itself and its products in the market.

For example: Volvo markets itself as a safe car, while Walmart competes at the cheap prices of its products, and Harley-Davidson defines itself or-rather-competes with the power of its bicycle, so these companies realized the inevitability of excellence and chose a way to distinguish themselves from other competitors.

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