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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Commercial and social marketing.. Comparison of client-product relationship development


Commercial and social marketing
Commercial and social marketing

Not usually talk about business marketing without talking about social marketing; the first is only the concept of the violation, “the antibody shows a good antibody”, on the one hand, and social marketing, on the other hand, is trade opposite Trade Marketing.

It is therefore not possible to understand one without fully understanding the other, but we can say that understanding either will necessarily lead to understanding the other.

Hence, "ExplanationsPro" cannot explain or explain the meaning of commercial marketing without making a comparison between it and social marketing, and that is what we will try to do in the next presentation.

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What is commercial marketing?

It is a set of activities carried out by a particular business enterprise; to influence others to act in ways that will maximize value for entrepreneurs in the long run.

But isn't this marketing in its general meaning and definition?! Ultimately, commercialization falls under the umbrella of general marketing, and the two objectives of general marketing (sustainability of profit and customer) are also its objectives, but details and differences will be identified in due course.

Commercial marketing is defined as the science of promoting goods for companies and individuals, the aim of which is to develop a relationship between the customer and the product, and this is achieved by creating a brand identity with which the consumer can relate.

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Commercial marketing and social marketing

It's not yet clear what commercialization means, is it? This is to be expected; what drove him in the definition of this kind, could not suffice; that is because it is imperative to understand through its opposite; i.e., Social Marketing.

Alan Andreasen, author of ethics in social marketing, explains that business marketing is the antithesis of social marketing; while it seeks to enlighten the individual about the benefits they will personally receive from consuming a product, social marketing is non-profit motivated and seeks to educate consumers about collective societal issues.

So commercial marketing is of a utilitarian nature, mainly profitable, and all its pillars are practical; it focuses on the rate of sales and the level of profit, and it is also not concerned with the issue of social change in the long run.

That is a very thorny issue, and there is plenty of room to say; marketers are changing people's consciousness, and therefore the world, but commercial marketing is concerned only with immediate results, but this does not negate the fact that it contributes to the overall process of change, albeit indirectly.

Beyond that, commercial marketing is arguably about customer needs, while social marketing is about customer behaviors.

Commercial and social marketing.. Comparison of client-product relationship development
Commercial and social marketing.. Comparison of client-product relationship development

Commercial and social are fundamentally different in their purpose; commercial marketers seek to influence purchasing decisions-often for financial gain-while social marketers seek to influence behavior, usually for the benefit of society.

They also differ in the way they approach their audience; commercial marketers target consumers (i.e. those who are likely to buy the product) while social marketers focus on people who are likely to change, influence or encourage behaviour.

Commercial and social marketers also have different priorities; commercial marketers prioritize efficiency and impact time measured by leads, sales or cost of acquisition, while social marketers must take into account the often slower pace; to change behavior and social planning as a whole.

On the financing side, there is another fundamental difference: commercial marketing is funded by private sector entities in order to make qualitative shifts in product deployment and raise production rates.

Social marketing, as it aims to bring about change in the social landscape as a whole, is funded by the public sector, civil society organizations and others.

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