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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Skills marketers need.. Creativity and suspense

Skills marketers need
Skills marketers need


Marketing is hard work, and success in it does not come amnesty or without planning and training, but there are several skills that marketers need to make their task easier, or rather make success in this field affordable.

And talking about skills that marketers need brings us to another question: is marketing a science or an art? However, we tend to regard marketing as a self-contained science, and we do not deny that it is an art either.

However, whatever marketing is a science or an art, there are skills that marketers need to advance their interest, so it doesn't make sense for the marketer to mess up randomly, or to work with customers every time as agreed.

Not to mention that relying on intuition and innate skills may not work especially at a time like this; where customers are more nimble and knowledgeable than before, and the acquisition of them and push them to buy requires convincing them in the first place, hence the talk about several skills needed by marketers, through which it will be easy to know not only the ways

Skills marketers need

"Entrepreneurs" monitors several skills that marketers need, as follows..

Customer understanding

Marketing is only the launch of a long-term relationship with customers, so understanding these customers, identifying their needs and knowing their goals is one of the most important skills marketers need.

Understanding customers is the first step on which everything else is built; from product development to knowing or defining the marketing strategy as a whole.

Storytelling or narrative

LinkedIn found that about 8% of all marketers on the platform have the ability to tell stories in their profile list, a regrettable proportion; no one likes to receive information like it's in a lecture, but there has to be an element of suspense, attraction and excitement.

The ability to tell stories is one of several skills marketers need; it is known that the ability to tell or present information in the form of an entertaining and exciting story may prompt customers to buy, or at least know what product a story is about.

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As long as we are talking about skills that marketers need, creativity cannot be overlooked as one of the most prominent of these skills ;it (i.e. creativity) is required in terms of dealing with customers, and entering them from the entrances that appeal to them and suit them_each marketer should finally know where the shoulder is eaten_In addition, adapting the marketing message, especially with too many competitors, requires a great deal of creativity.

Seasoned marketers are well aware that creativity is to ensure that they stay in the market, and that customers continue to flock to them and buy their products, otherwise no marketer will succeed in reaching their goal.

Skills marketers need.. Creativity and suspense
Skills marketers need.. Creativity and suspense


Although many ignore this skill, delegation is one of the most important skills that marketers need, and is even a required skill in all sectors.

Whether you are new to marketing or well-established in it, authorization is required in all these cases, and do not imagine that this skill but made to rest you and entrust tasks to others, but the goal of emptying you for what is most important and useful, and give the opportunity to others to play a pivotal and active role in the whole marketing process.


Focused marketer smartphone on what the speaker is saying and asks you questions when there is room for clarification. Listening is a skill that marketers need for two things: first, it helps to make sound and wise decisions; it (that is, your decisions) will be based on real facts, while at the same time seeking to solve customers ' problems.

The second thing that makes the listening skill of great importance is that the lack of it will lead to the loss of customers, if the marketer talkative and gives opportunities to talk to him to weigh that person no longer to talk to him again.

Therefore, communication skills are important in most jobs but are really important for any marketer, and in general these skills are needed by marketers, and there is no doubt that the list is very long but in what we mentioned a directive and a signal.

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