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Friday, July 2, 2021

Making money : huge riches with simple ideas

Making money : huge riches with simple ideas
Making money : huge riches with simple ideas


"Look for the need and then satisfy it”, this is the saying that most economists see as the mainstay of economic success in most areas, If this need is widespread, your success and wealth stems from your desire to satisfy this need now, the value of the commodity is determined by nothing but the demand to buy it.

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In order to ensure the success of your business, you must provide all the production factors of raw materials, suitable soil for production, management and trained staff, and other indispensable factors of production.

This small or large value of profit is the main factor in the creation of wealth .because production at a certain value calculated for all stages of production until it reaches the hands of the consumer, and then selling it at a greater value to ensure profit, is an unrealized adventure. many have sought to ensure profit through a business with a material return. this is what we will mention in this article to you, because millionaires have earned their millions only from simple projects and have continued to do so.

Simple projects

Work with simple projects to ensure profit is not limited to one area without another , you can start building roofs of houses, building walls with air discharge, or run a small dry-washing company to ensure profits without high productivity costs.

At the same time, remember to have added value in your business, to stand out from competitors alike, to be more wanted than others, and to be able to compete from the very moment you start, many of the millionaires in their beginnings were truck drivers or small shop sellers, Choose an area where you innovate and Excel, then you will make a lot of profit as long as you are interested in developing your abilities and skills.

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So there is no particular area in which you can profit alone, your area in which you can profit depends on what you can offer, what the consumer needs at the same time, and how much added value you can provide, This increased the production companies in this field to a huge number, and then their shares began to decline and decrease as people subsequently reluctant to do so and changed their interests until they were limited to work internally and locally.

Making money
Making money

Define the domain 

The bottom line is that the area in which you will be able to profit can only be determined by you, the opportunities change from time to time, and the opportunity on which the demand and the largest turnout today may not be tomorrow, so you need to look for what the consumer needs to be able to start strongly.

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For example, Tom fotjo, the owner of the Browning Ferris factory, started his life as an accountant , but he was not satisfied with his earnings as an accountant, and found that his relatives could not find anyone to transport their weekly waste and garbage, Then he rented a pickup truck and his business began to expand until the whole town was covered, and today “Tom” is one of the richest in his country.

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In another example, “Colonel Hardland Sanders” at the age of sixty-five was able to get rich and make a big profit, after introducing a new recipe for fried chicken that won the satisfaction of the consumer, and “Debbie Wilders”, a father of four, made a huge profit by opening a small restaurant selling pancakes.

So, make sure that nothing enables you to profit as much as you find an urgent need for the consumer and work to provide it to her, in the best and most perfect way.