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Explain and download PicsArt

PicsArt application is a professional photo-editing application, it is one of the best applications that provide this service for Android and iPhone and pc, and you can download the PicsArt application for free.

Explain and download PicsArt

What is PicsArt

It is an application for editing images and videos, the first version of which was released in 2011, and works on the Android and iOS system, and there is also a version for Windows. The application contains three main tools, which are photo editing, video editing and collage design.

PicsArt allows you to share your photos from other users of the program, get a rating for your photos, or share them through various social networking sites.

An imaging program has been added in PicsArt that enables you to take pictures and videos with the use of a large number of filters and stickers in the application and then edit or share directly.

The program can convert your mobile phone into a professional performance through which you get professional photographs without the need for Photoshop, with simple steps.

The application includes tools that help you in collecting collages and a large number of cool designs, as well as writing on pictures or videos, compiling videos, adding audio clips, and the ability to quickly edit by artificial intelligence.

PicsArt for Android and iPhone

If you are looking for a photo or video editing program on your mobile phone, PicsArt is the best solution. PicsArt contains a comprehensive photo and video editor. PicsArt can also be donloaded for free.

The application has a great popularity and the number of downloads has reached more than a billion downloads worldwide because of its more than wonderful capabilities.

PicsArt provides a large number of filters that can be used to modify images with the capabilities of drawing on pictures and adding attractive stickers to get the best appearance of your pictures.

PicsArt application featuresExplain and download PicsArt

-Download license: despite all that the program offers, it is completely free.

-User Interface: The program has a very smooth user interface that anyone can use.

-Magic feature: It is a feature powered by artificial intelligence that enables you to modify images faster and display stickers and filters that match the image you are editing.

-Sharing photos: The photos and videos you modify can be shared instantly with application users or users of social networks.

-Imaging program: The camera program has been integrated within the application so that you can take pictures and use the program's features without the need to switch between more than one program.

-Add effects: The application contains a very large number of additions and visual and audio effects that can be used to modify images and videos.

-Collage feature: It is, in short, the possibilities of collecting images in an attractive design, and you can modify and divide the design as you like.

-Drawing tools: A paintbrush has been added in different sizes that you can choose from, choose the right color for you, and draw directly on your photos.

Use picsart software picsart

Explain and download PicsArt

-Log in: Log in to the program through a Facebook account, a Google account, or by registering for the PicsArt program. We will continue by explaining the registration method in the next paragraph.

-Camera: In the main menu below the program there is a camera tab that enables you to take pictures directly using effects and filters.

-Drawing: With the brush mark, you can create a completely new sound, as the program provides a large number of options, and you can also draw on any image on your phone.

-Editing: With the “+” sign, you can add an image from your mobile phone, modify it directly, make any changes to it, and even publish it on your account.

-Collage: It is the last option available in the user interface and it is a square shape through which you can design a collage from a number of images and divide the design as you like.

Log in to PicsArt

When you download and run PicsArt for the first time, the program will ask you to log in. If you already have an account in the program, enter your data. If you do not have an account then create a new account.

Steps to create a PicsArt account

-When you start the application for the first time, you have the options to enter.

-Choose the appropriate registration method for you between logging in through Facebook or Google email, and creating an account via email.

-After choosing the appropriate method for you, the program will ask you to allow registration, click "Allow"

-If your registration method is Facebook or Google email, you do not need any password.

-If the registration method is via e-mail, you will be asked to enter a password.

-Now, your account is ready, and you can enjoy the app's features easily.

Download PicsArt for Android and iPhone

how to use picsart without an account

You cannot, because if you like to use this application, you must create an account with it.

picsart subscription refund

if you want picsart subscription refund, You should talk to the program staff, to tell them the problems you encountered, and they will help you.

how to edit on picsart on computer

There is a lot of explanation on the Internet and soon we will explain this topic, but it is very easy Do not worry.

apps like picsart for iphone

There are many applications like PicsArt for iPhone users, you just have to search for what you want exactly and you will see it.