TikTok account verification

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How to document a Tik Tok account, most Tik Tok application users want to verify their account with a blue mark, and anyone can obtain this mark if they have a phone and some time and effort necessary, but what is on everyone's mind, is there an official way or some requirements of Tik Tok company to verify the account?

TikTok account verification

What do we mean by verifying the account on Tik Tok?

There are two types of verification present on TikTok. The first type of verification is about allowing a new user access to send and receive direct messages, add friends and leave comments on videos, and this is done by verifying your phone number.

The second type of verification that concerns many Tik Tok application users is related to the addition of a blue mark that appears next to the username, which is a method that many users have done despite the fact that many of them may consider it quite complicated. TikTok is a lot like the verification process on other social media platforms.

But the difference between Tik Tok and other platforms is that the Tik Tok company has not yet provided a special link that you can apply for authentication by them, such as Instagram, for example, but the subject and the simplicity of the documentation comes by the company automatically, meaning that the account reaches the number of views Significant family, followers and interaction, as the company documents the account if it belongs to a certain person.

What makes TikTok's authentication system so controversial is that it is vague and not governed by predetermined standards.

What you must do to verify your TikTok account

What you must do to verify your TikTok account

1. The account must be your own and real, belonging to you and with your own content

When you create an account on Tik Tok and want to authenticate it with a blue tag, you must have this account for you and yourself, do not impersonate any other person in order to bring more followers, so the account must be your own.

2. Write all account information in the designated areas

You have to write all your data in the places designated for that in the settings to make sure that a real person is not a fake or an impersonate someone else.

3. Not to put copied content into the account

You must not put content copied from another account, and he answers that you provide exclusive content that is your own, and the content is unique and attractive, and he answers you when submitting this content, taking into account the terms and standards of Tik Tok.

how many followers to get verified on tiktok?

4. Getting a large number of followers, not less than 200,000, to get verification
To document your Tik Tok account, you have to get a very large number of followers, exceeding 200,000 followers at least, so that they know that you are a person who provides good content and many people follow you, and in this article we explain the best ways to increase Tik Tok followers for free

5. To have your account active and not just a large number of followers without interaction

You have to verify your Tik Tok account with a blue mark that your account exceeds 200,000 followers as we indicated in the previous point, and it also answers that these followers interact with you in the content you provide, if you exceed the 200,000 followers without interacting with your content There is no use in that.

6. Documentation in Tik Tok is easier than other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram

Documenting Tik Tok accounts is easier than verifying accounts on other social media platforms. Tik Tok automatically verifies the account if it provides good content and has a large audience, interaction and followers.

7. It is preferred that there be news or writings about the owner of this account on search engines and news sites

Of course, if the number of your followers exceeds 200 thousand followers and you have good content and great interaction on this content, then surely the search engines will know about you.

8. Finally, there is no official method that you must follow to obtain documentation

There is no official way that you must follow to obtain the verification of your account in Tik Tok, do not believe any person who tells you I will authenticate you for a sum of money, for sure this is an untruthful person, because Tik Tok has not set any official conditions for documenting accounts, as we mentioned previously. Do not believe anyone who tells you that.

If you apply all of these steps, then congratulations

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