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Download 4K HD wallpapers and images app for Android and iPhone

 4K HD wallpapers, Application or program accurate backgrounds for smart phone devices and supports any operating system and the application is considered one of the reliable applications scattered on all international stores example Google Play and others،

4K HD wallpapers

You can browse between 5000 new images on a daily basis and all kinds of images whether nature, sunset or sunrise, cars, motorcycles and so on, but the program is free but it fits all screen sizes of all kinds in very high resolution allows the user to create a list called Favorites to save the images that get his admiration and access،

Enjoy new images at every moment fit everyone but it provides images that are written in text or phrases famous for Joker or other application uses more than 10 million people around the world, which made him the first competitor of competing applications in the same field where he received to please the audience and comments and many positive assessments.

..Different accurate images according to the user's taste and suit all age groups whether child, young man and even women, displays images of roses, cars, motorcycles, images of famous Joker, moon, sun and sunset wallpapers, animals all in 4K resolution and more.


Quick detail about the high resolution photo and wallpaper download app 

  • Version number: Wallpaper HD 4K images wallpapers

  • Main application language: English and Arabic

  • Current version License: Free is completely free

  • Version size per system: 9.0 MB for Android,63.4 MB for iPhone

  • Operating systems: iOS, Android, tablet, iPad.

Features of 4K HD Wallpapers app

  • Free does not include any purchase.

  • Free of annoying user ads.

  • Quick analysis in less than seconds.

  • Every day constantly new photos.

  • Easy to use and very simple design.

  • Available for both systems, whether Android or iPhone.

  • It mainly supports Arabic and English.

  • Available in trusted stores for everyone, like App Store or Google Play.

  • It allows uploading millions of images of wallpapers or main screen images.

  • The images are all high resolution serves shape of the phone.

  • The application fits with all the old and modern versions.

  • The application does not affect the charging field or battery life and processor power.

  • More than 5000 images fit all screen sizes.

Download links for wallpapers and HD images app 

IPhone direct download link

images app

Direct download link for Android

high resolution wallpaper

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