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Download WhatsApp for computer Download WhatsApp Desktop

 The WhatsApp program is one of the most popular programs that have spread in a short time, and it has gained great popularity among users and many people are looking for it to download it.

But there are many people who do not understand how to download WhatsApp for the computer well, and today we will help you skip that step and get the WhatsApp program for computer with ease.

Download WhatsApp for computer

It is known that WhatsApp is downloaded on smartphones, Android devices and mobile phones only, which made many people looking for a way to download WhatsApp for a computer so that they can also enjoy it on computers.

   And exchange messages, pictures, videos, text messages and also send files for free, and today we brought you a detailed explanation to download WhatsApp for computers, Android devices and iPhone step by step with pictures with one direct link, follow us.

What is WhatsApp for computer?

It is considered one of the most popular programs for social communication, and it provides its users with the latest exclusive and completely safe ways to open it without the need for any other supporting programs.

It is a mechanism that works on the use of WhatsApp for a mobile phone or computer, through which it synchronizes messages that are sent and received securely.

You can see all the messages that you sent or received on the two devices, and you can do all the actions that you take through the application on the phone also on the computer and vice versa.

 At this time, WhatsApp is available on all Android devices, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia devices, and you can use the same account on the computer and mobile phone by downloading WhatsApp for the computer.

The most important features of downloading the WhatsApp program for computer

It helps to save a lot of money that is spent on voice calls, SMS and MMS messages, by sending free messages everywhere in the world without paying any fees.

By downloading WhatsApp for the computer, the user can communicate continuously with friends, share photos and a lot of video clips, send files, your social events, the place you are in and the events that you go through in your daily life.

It allows users to communicate well with a lot of people, and it gives you the ease of arranging visits, meetings and events, and it can be used on any mobile device or smart phone.

It is easy to use and gives you unlimited free voice calls.

It gives you video calling, it has no commercial ads on display.

User can send files of up to 100MB, including pdf files, and many similar files.

Supports the feature to delete messages that are sent to the person.

You can tell your friends that you are using WhatsApp.

It appears that the person receiving your message has arrived and that he is writing another message for you.

Providing an easy way to change the phone number to another number, without the user losing his account.

Providing an encryption feature that makes your transactions and downloading WhatsApp for the computer very safe.

Disadvantages of downloading WhatsApp for computer

The WhatsApp program is able to access the records and addresses of employees and institutions and store them in which those records are located and which contain confidential data related to companies or institutions, although the WhatsApp program has proven to provide the protection encryption feature.

There is a WhatsApp download for smartphones only, and there are many people who do not use it to this day.

The user needs to do share his number with the people he wants to communicate with.

Easy access to messages from a friend or spouse on the phone.

It causes inconvenience to many people due to the large number of messages.

You must have internet service in order to receive and send messages for free.

The user's photo is visible to all contacts and does not have the feature to hide the photo.

One of the most addictive sites, when you continue to use it, one cannot overcome it or do without it.

Download WhatsApp for computer and its various versions

Download WhatsApp Desktop

Now you have in your hands all the modern and developed versions of WhatsApp, and you can download WhatsApp for the computer without the need to create an account in the store.

  Also, the WhatsApp site is a comprehensive site for all updates when a new version is released, and the message must be saved in your favorite messages or in the notepad, and you should not forget to share the message with all friends so that the benefit may spread to everyone.

Download WhatsApp for computer

You can download WhatsApp for computer by following the following:

WhatsApp Web download

  • Log in to the WhatsApp website and then download the original copy for computers, making sure to download the WhatsApp application in order to be compatible according to the operating system of your device.

  • Open the program until you see an image for which there is a digital code on the computer screen.

WhatsApp Desktop

  • And open WhatsApp on your mobile phone and click on the "Settings" menu, then to WhatsApp Web / Desktop, and then click on Scan QR Code through the menu shown in front of you on the screen.

  • Read the numeric code that is on the mobile phone screen, and then take the initiative to close the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone, and use it from the computer, and so you may have downloaded WhatsApp for the computer.

WhatsApp Web Scanner

How to download WhatsApp for mobile

You can benefit from all the services provided by the WhatsApp program.

 It is necessary to follow some steps to download it to a mobile phone operating with Android operating systems and iPhones, so you must follow the following:

1. We open the store on the phone and then write WhatsApp in English in the search space.

2. Then we click on the first share option that appears for you on WhatsApp, and you can download it for free.

3. Click on Install and then click Accept in order for this application to allow you to have some of the permissions you request to run it.

4. Work on starting the download currency for WhatsApp automatically after following the previous step.

5. And click on the Open option in order to open the application after the completion of the download process.

WhatsApp on pc

Thus, you can now download WhatsApp for the computer, mobile phone, Android and iPhone devices, easily and easily, through which you can communicate with friends, send files, pictures, and also videos.

 You can also voice call, video call, and exchange short messages between you, all of this you get when you download it 100% free of charge, activated and ready for use after following the steps.

Dear reader, if you want to get the WhatsApp program in all the different versions, whether for Android and iPhone devices, as well as downloading WhatsApp for the computer

 Through this site, you can download the program with one direct link, and we explained to you in the past the steps to download step by step in order to complete the task successfully.

 So you can follow the steps and download and download WhatsApp for the computer smoothly and successfully.

WhatsApp download links for the computer

Download WhatsApp for computer

WhatsApp links for Mac

WhatsApp download links for Android

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