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نبذة عن المقال: language learning Duolingo, one of the best applications that provide this service, but it is actually the best.
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 Before the emergence of the most famous language-learning program Duolingo, many of us had always dreamed of succeeding in mastering a language besides his mother tongue,

Either with the aim of learning to raise the level of his personal skills or just a love for learning languages, and the traditional methods known before revolved around a few solutions, on top of which is study and academic education, which will not be available to everyone because it requires obtaining certain educational certificates that some may not be able to obtain.

In addition to the fact that it forces you to commit to a specific commitment of no less than four years, which is not preferred by many.

language learning Duolingo

Thus, the other option was to go to study free languages through learning in training courses or courses, which would cost huge sums exceeding the capabilities of many.

  Therefore, when the Duolingo app was launched, language-learning fans felt that a treasure had been opened for them from where they did not know, this free application that includes more than ten languages that you can learn to perfection.

It is available in the Spanish language and will take your hand from the start until you fly next to its logo and you are a professional in speaking that language, and even master its grammatical and linguistic rules and all other languages.

About the best language learning app, duolingo app

best language learning apps

In late 2011 and specifically in November, the famous human computing scientist Louis von Ann founded and launched the Duolingo website to learn foreign languages ​​for free and without any financial compensation.

 The site initially started teaching English, French and German languages, and with time it included Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and Chinese languages.

It even reached to include five other languages, which are Arabic, Turkish, Czech, Japanese and Korean, bringing the total of the languages ​​that can be learned through the site to eleven languages.

 This is in contrast to the languages ​​it supports, and through which its owners can use it to learn previous languages ​​from their mother tongue.

duolingo languages

Duolingo interface and an explanation of how to use it

Duolingo has a very nice and fun graphic programming, so start with the logo drawn in the form of a green owl.

 And for those who do not know, the owl in the culture of ancient civilizations is a symbol of wisdom and science, and it is also a symbol of optimism in the current Western culture, so the choice of the owl by the developer was accurate and meaningful according to its culture and its connotations.

In addition to the distinctive blue color and the program interface that receives you so that you can register with it through several options that will be clarified.

 Then the application takes you after you select the language that you want to learn and the language in which you want to learn that language to the stages of learning in which you will find many interesting effects that will make your learning of languages ​​more enjoyable than you can imagine.

language learning apps

Learning the language you want from you will not require anything difficult but to take the following steps:

1. After you download the application from a store such as the Google Play Store if your phone is running the Android operating system or the App Store if you own an iPhone or an Apple device, you will be required to create an account in the normal way to create accounts on many applications.

2. Then select the language you want to learn and let it be English.

3. Start your tour by selecting the "start" command, which is followed by that you specify the time you want to spend on learning the language on the application every day, and the options are between normal and it is a 5-minute exercise every day, or regular as a 10-minute exercise Minutes, or serious with a time of 15 minutes, or the last option and it is crazy and that is for 20 minutes.

4. After that, you determine your level and level of knowledge of this language, are you a beginner with it or not, if you are a beginner, the application will accompany you directly for training, but if you are not a beginner, the application will test you with a simple exam to determine the level from which you can start.

5. After this option, the application will accompany you to start your journey in learning the chosen language, which you will find very interesting thanks to the system through which the application was programmed, in addition to many of the features that we will explain to you.

Features of Duolingo, a genius of languages

does duolingo work

1. An official and essential store. You can easily get it from your phone store, regardless of its operating system, from which you will find the appropriate version for it.

2. As it is written on the interface of the application that you will see when you open it, the application is free and forever.

3. Supports the Arabic language and will allow you to learn the language you want through your native language.

4. It contains many levels, and each level is divided into different categories, including several exercises.

5. Supported with a feature to learn pronunciation and hearing through exercises that ask you to pronounce sentences and words or write what you hear through automatic pronunciation, which is considered as teaching in a training course by a person sitting in front of you.

- We cannot highlight or enumerate all the features of this wonderful application, but if you do not download it, you will miss a lot.

About the Duolingo Learn English app

Program name: Duolingo, Learn English!

Version: the last 2018

Official website:

Developer: Duolingo, Inc

Program size: varies by device

License: Free

Operating systems: Android / IOS / Windows Phone / Windows

Language: Supports more than one language

Download links for Duolingo's first free language learning program

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