Download Photo Recovery app with DiskDigger for Android, iPhone and PC

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نبذة عن المقال: Most often we may delete pictures or videos or files from our phone, Download Photo Recovery app with DiskDigger
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 Most of the time we may delete important photos, videos or files from our phone either from the memory card or internal memory intentionally or unintentionally and lead to their loss, 

which makes us incapable of anything because the inside of the memory is something beautiful and expensive from your video images and work files or many memories of friends and family,

Photo Recovery app with DiskDigger

 and may lead us to recover lost you can keep it in Google Drive or Dropbox or do It also allows you to save and save your files in a different local folder on your device, in addition to that the application supports all operating systems without any costs and no need for maintenance and prior experience.

Features of DiskDigger app

  • Free without subscription fees or high costs.

  • Supports Android and iPhone operating systems such as Tap H, iPad or PC operating system

  • Available in more than one official language such as English, Chinese and others as per system language.

  • Available in trusted official stores such as App Store and Google Play.

  • Easy to use, simple design and flexible handling.

  • Simple interactive easy interface.

  • It is considered the strongest competitor for similar applications.

  • It does not consume from the battery.

  • Saves you from going to maintenance and programming shops.

  • It does not take long to process.

  • Retrieving images with the same quality and accuracy.

  • Allows us to recover all important videos, photos or files that have been lost.

  • Supported to work with Root powers without any problem.

  • Once you select the location of the images, whether internal memory or external memory, you are shown several formats that you want to retrieve and then where you want the images to be kept.

  • Uncomplicated as it has only a small number of data and information to start using it.

  • It provides you with the possibility of retrieving lost images or files as you want .

In short About Photo, Video and File Recovery application:

Version number: DiskDigger

Main application language: English and Arabic

Current version License: Free free

Version size per system: 2.2 MB for Android, 15.1 MB for iPhone

Developer: DiskDigger

Operating systems: iPhone, Android, Windows


Download information for DiskDigger application for image retrieval

Download DiskDigger for Android

Download DiskDigger app for iPhone

DiskDigger app download link for computers

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