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How to transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram for Android and iPhone

After the great uproar that was raised due to the sharing of WhatsApp users ' data with Facebook many sought to change the application of group conversations they use and the best alternative to WhatsApp was Telegram, which is considered one of the best applications of conversations and chats in the world,

Because it has complete privacy and is encrypted just like WhatsApp and has many great features and possibilities that you can take advantage of, but you may not know how to transfer your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram.

transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram

Telegram has a new feature is the ability to import chat from WhatsApp.

Follow the steps will be quite simple how to transfer how to transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram for Android life.

Before you try this feature, make sure you have Telegram 7.4 update as this is the version that brings the feature of transferring WhatsApp conversations to Telegram.

How to transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram for Android is?

how to connect whatsapp to telegram

1. Open the conversation you want to export from WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

2. Choose more>

3. Click Export chat > you will be asked to export with or without media files. Select the option according to your preferences.

4. Share menu> select Telegram will appear in the share menu.

After doing this process, you will be able to see Chat WhatsApp specified on Telegram, you can only transfer the chat one after the other and you can move all chats collectively once. You can also export group chats using the same method.

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations to Telegram for iPhone?

1. Open a conversation in WhatsApp, then click the area next to a contact's profile picture at the top.

2. Click Export chat > select Telegram in the share menu.

There is also a faster way to do this by going to the main chat screen in WhatsApp, then swiping left in the chat and then clicking export chat.

The messages you import will include original time stamps and will come with a tag at the bottom that says “imported”.

Another thing to note here is that messages and media transferred to Telegram will not take up extra space on your smartphone. Users can also optimize storage space and control cache size by clicking on the data usage and Storage tab in Settings.

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