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How to create an online store on WhatsApp and profit from it

 In this article, you'll learn about how to create an online store on WhatsApp and how to profit through 3 strategies.

create an online store on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps around the world, used by millions of users, making it an excellent platform for business and making money.

The application offers great features that help entrepreneurs and companies to increase their sales significantly, through the application “WhatsApp Business", where a company profile can be created and identified, and products can be added and sold from within the application without having to exit it and go to the company's website, which is very important.

And through this article, you'll learn how to create an electronic store on WhatsApp and profit from it step by step.

What are the features of WhatsApp Business?

Of course, “WhatsApp Business” is different from the normal application in several things and has additional features that help entrepreneurs and companies sell products and communicate better with customers.

1. Possibility to create a company account and add description and logo.

2. The ability to add products and sell them directly from the app.

3. Possibility to register from a land number.

4. Ability to add an automatic response outside of working hours.

5. The ability to send group notifications and messages to customers through the app directly without fear of blocking.

6. Distinctive statistics of the number of customers and products added in the cart.

In addition to many great features that we will leave you the honor of getting to know after registering and starting to use the “WhatsApp Business”app.

How to create an online store on WhatsApp?

To be able to create an e-store on WhatsApp, first you must download and install the application “WhatsApp Business” for Android via this link to the iPhone via THIS LINK.

After opening the application, you will be asked to put a new phone number or use the old one (if you use the old one will stop working and your account will become WhatsApp Business, and you will be offered to synchronize all messages and photos, and then choose a new name).

whatsapp business

Explore business tools at WhatsApp Business

After you've done the previous steps, WhatsApp Business will offer you the tools discovery option, where you have to click on the Explore option”

And then you'll see a set of options that you can remix them to suit your business, including:

Business activity profile. It includes the store name, location and category as well as the news box (you can add news for your business or ongoing discounts).

Catalog. Here you can add different products.

Off-duty message. Here you can add a message that is sent automatically to everyone who tries to communicate with you outside of work.

Welcome message. You can add a welcome message to every person who wants to start a conversation with you.

Quick responses. Here you can create messages that you write continuously through shortcuts that you select from the list.

Classifications. Here you will see the number of new customers, orders which are not paid or paid orders that have been delivered to the customer.

Short link. Through this section you can get the link can watch it from potential clients or customers so they can chat with you directly.

Linked accounts. Here you can link various social media (e.g. Facebook page).

whatsapp for business

How to add a new product in the shop WhatsApp

After you've set the previous store settings, it's time for the most important step to add products to the store.

Click on the three dots icon Key in the upper left and select “business tools” and then “catalog“.

Now click on “add item“, where it will create a new catalog will allow you to add products.

Select an image of the product by clicking on "Add Image“, then enter” product name”,” price”and” description “if there is a” link “in addition to the possibility of adding” product code “and do not forget to click” save" in the upper left corner.

The step can be repeated until you add all the products you have with photos and a simplified explanation of each product, so you have an online store on WhatsApp, ready to start work and receive orders.

whatsapp download

How to send a product directly in a chat with the customer?

After adding all the products to your online store on WhatsApp, it's time to connect with customers and show them what you own products, only during in-app chat.

It's very easy, all you have to do is enter into a chat with the customer and then click on the “Add Attachment” icon and then choose “catalog”, a list of all the products you added earlier will appear, choose the right product and select (you can select more than one product by long clicking) and send it.

The customer will have the product name, price, description and everything about the product, and if they like it, they will agree on how to pay and deliver from within the WhatsApp app without having to go to an external website (as shown in the image below).


How to add the ability to pay directly from WhatsApp?

Still the application “WhatsApp Business” in under development, so soon we'll see a way to push their own enables customers to pay directly from the app without having to resort to other platforms, which is easy to handle for both parties (the company and customer).

The following link can be checked to ensure that the WhatsApp Business app supports payment from the country in which it is located.

If it does not support your country, other solutions and intermediary platforms can be used, including tap2pay, which supports payment methods through various masangers, including WhatsApp.

All you have to do is register by choosing a bouquet of “premium” (the price of $ 49 per month), and then follow the steps to ensure payment within the application WhatsApp directly.

WhatsApp Business Web

What are the ways to profit from WhatsApp Business?

There are many ways to profit from the online store created on the WhatsApp Business app, where we must unleash our imagination and invent new things different from what is in the market, where we will give you an idea that can help you make money without owning products at all.

Profit from the WhatsApp Business app by creating a coupon store

It is known that the creation and promotion of a coupon site brings its owner quite a “passive” income, since it does not require a person to buy, sell, deliver products and deal with customers.

Follow these steps to get coupons to view in the store and profit from them.

To get various coupons, you must register in the “admitad” network through this link.

Then see the simple steps in the following article ” How to get discounts and coupons from free“

After that I got the coupons, add them as a product in your store on WhatsApp Business.

Promote your store, where promotion of a coupon store is easier than promotion of a store selling products, where the customer will be happy with the discounts you give her completely free of charge, and for this you get a commission for each sales case.

how to create menu in whatsapp

Profit from WhatsApp Business app by creating dropshipping store

We talked about dropshipping in more than one article, and how to create an e-shop to practice, where the process is to find a company that works that way, and all you have to do is find customers and resell the product to them.

Your task is to find products that have an order on the market, add them to your store on WhatsApp, and every time the product is purchased you buy it from the original seller and sell it to your customer, for a commission (here the original seller is the one who costs in delivery).

Profit from the "WhatsApp Business" app in the classic way

The classic way is to have one or several products that you own and have a delivery service and technical support to work with customers and solve their problems.

As with any online store, you can add products (as we explained above), promote your WhatsApp account and start selling products by chatting with customers through the WhatsApp Business app.

Q & A on how to create an online store on WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp Business available to everyone?

Yes, anyone whether it's a company, an entrepreneur or an ordinary person can download the app and start a business completely free of charge.

Can I use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp simultaneously?

Yes, but if you have two SIM cards with two different numbers (or a land number to which the activation code is sent as a connection), or use one of the two apps with one number.

Is there a desktop version of WhatsApp Business?

Yes there is a desktop app, and it can be activated just like a normal app.

Does WhatsApp Business Support voice and video calling?

Yes you can call the client audio or video, as it supports all the features of the native app.

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