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Download u-dictionary for simultaneous translation for all operating systems

 -Dictionary is an application that serves to Turkish world at the highest level of services distinguish it from other similar programs, it is also a place to learn the language and not only for the immediate.


The application includes about 180 international languages from around the world and contains a system of translation by voice or direct speaking where the application translates one language to another quickly and effectively, which facilitates the process of talking with strangers, 

used by many travel pioneers, lovers of learning cultures, wandering the world, lovers of tourism, students of educational missions and others.

Download u-dictionary

Enjoy the ease and speed of global translation

You can use it to translate the email and allows you to translate through the shooting of the text to be translated by the camera and this saves the time and effort of writing the text if it is very long, used by University pioneers, especially students of English and French literature in abundance to translate stories and texts.

It also offers you the option and service of being an official translator in global browsers and you can download the languages you want and translate without the need for the internet.

u dictionary translate

Features of the U-Dictionary app

  • It provides nearly 180 international languages for translation.

  • Available in all international stores such as Microsoft, Google Play and App Store.

  • Available in all countries around the world.

  • Supports all operating systems including Windows, Mac and Android and iPhone.

  • The possibility of activating the camera feature to capture the sentences and words you want to translate and works on translation automatically.

  • Search and translate any word and any sentence that comes to your mind and is translated very quickly.

  • Gives you the opportunity to convert text to audio or audio to text.

  • Helps you pronounce words better and correctly .

  • Free application does not require a subscription fee.

  • Simple interface and easy to handle for simplicity of design.

  • The possibility of deal with them without internet connection by downloading the necessary language.

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