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How to profit double-fold from the program "Ali-Express"? Profit from AliExpress

 Profit from AliExpress, Did you know that profits can be doubled by 700% from Ali Express? Let's learn how to do it!

profit from aliexpress

Ali Express affiliate marketing program is one of the most powerful programs in the market, and is very popular worldwide, with thousands joining to promote various products and receive a special commission.

But few know that profits can be multiplied by up to 700%, and it does not require extra effort or work, but how can it be done?

Ali Express has launched a tool called "Hot products", i.e. the most popular or in high demand products, and by promoting them, you can get a commission of up to 69.23%.

That is, if you promote a $10 product, you will receive $6,923 from each sales case for this product category, while if you promote regular products, your commission will not exceed $0.7! Is there a difference?

How can I profit from Ali Express?

Where to find "hot products"?

If you decide to promote hot products within the Ali Express affiliate marketing program, you should follow the following steps:

You must add marketing channel (traffic source) by clicking the icon excess in the main menu in the upper right and follow the instructions

Join the AliExpress offer, 

Now click on the “programs "option from the main menu and then "All programs" and type in the search box “Aliexpress "and press" Enter”


You will be directed to the main page of the Ali Express program, and in the Menu section on the left side of the screen, click on the “hot products” option)

aliexpress usa

Thus, you have reached the “Hot Products” section of the “Ali Express” affiliate marketing program.

Join AliExpress

What does the “hot products” Page contain in the “Ali Express”program?

After you head to the” Hot Products " page, you will see details about them, which are as follows:

ali express

1. Option” Filter " i.e. rating. Here you can categorize products by Category, expiry of offer or price.

2. The search box. Here you can search for a specific product by typing the keyword indicated by.

3. Number “3 " through which you can download the feed feed through which you can automatically add products on your site.

4. Product ID. Unique number for you product.

5. Product Name. Product name as on Ali Express website”

6. Price. Product price now.

7. Discount. This property shows whether there is a discount on the product.

8. End date. Offer expiry date.

9. Commission. Commission value in percentage.

10. Tools. Tools include referral link and product page view.

How to get a referral link for hot products)

After you have selected the right product you want to promote, click on the link icon PHP “ Tools " section, as shown in the image below:

is aliexpress safe

You will see a pop-up window with some boxes from which you should choose:

  • The marketing channel "Ad Space" that I added before and which was accepted into the program

  • SubID for referral link

Then in the box ” Affiliate link” will appear referral link for this product through which you can get commission as per the terms of the grant.

Or you can get code ” HTML code” also you can promote it and you will get the same commission.

aliexpress online shopping

Join AliExpress

Violations that you should not do while promoting hot products and AliExpress products in general

In case of violation of the terms and conditions of the Ali Express affiliate program, The Advertiser has the right to fine the publisher an amount equal to the damage caused by the violation.

 You can find the amount withdrawn from your account in the “balance” section and then “balance history", where you will find a comment next to the discount that the amount was withdrawn due to a violation of the rules of the Aliexpress WW affiliate program. Antispam deduction).

It should be noted that all cases of upcoming sales by publishers are subject to verification through special algorithms, in case of violations are found no commission is paid to the publisher, and the admitad network does not in any way affect the verification process.

In case the application is not confirmed by the advertiser because of abuse or return the product by the customer, will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Replace another publisher's cookies with your own Cookies (Cookie stuff). That is, when someone replaces cookies with other files that tell the fleet network that all the visits came from him, but in fact came from someone else.

  • abnormal_order. Malicious recovery (the customer gets the product that meets the description and is of high quality, but opens a dispute for compensation). Or "coupon fraud" (the user creates a new account to get a new coupon). Or” card stolen " (AliExpress receives a request from the bank to recover the customer's money due to the loss / theft of the card)

  • PPC_violation. Brand-name advertising campaigns have been created.

  • SID_black_list: requests from publishers who repeatedly violated Ali Express affiliate marketing rules.

  • risk. Fraudulent application, combining all kinds of previous violations.

  • refund. The order has been returned.

Q & A

Would I get a high commission if I promoted via the regular Ali Express referral link?

No, the High Commission, which amounts to about 70% of the product's value, is obtained by promoting referral links exclusively on the hot products page.

Are the referral links on the hot products page permanent?

No, there is an expiration date for each offer, and after completion the regular commission is obtained, so you should follow the products you promote.

Are the products on the hot products page permanent?

Products are in constant update, where they can disappear at any moment.

When Will I get my commission?

On average, the "Ali Express" program pays the commission within a period of up to 105 days, this period includes the shipment of the product and confirmation of receipt by the customer, after which the commission is transferred to the publisher and this is found in the terms and characteristics of the offer.

Can I promote without joining AliExpress?

No! You must first join the program and then start promoting hot products)

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