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WhatsApp launches animated stickers: how to download WhatsApp Stickers step by step

 WhatsApp recently launched a new update that will now allow you to send animated stickers to your friends and family. 

The new WhatsApp update will now enable the Facebook-owned messaging app.

 While many WhatsApp users will now be happy, because they will now be able to share these stickers from the same emoji pack.

how to download WhatsApp Stickers

The users of WhatsApp and click on the play button to view animated stickers sent to them. Currently, the new WhatsApp update has only come to users of Android and iOS smartphones, but it will also be rolled out for the desktop version soon.

 Newly introduced WhatsApp animated stickers include Rico's Sweet Life, Playful Piyomaru, Bright Days, Moody Foodies and Chummy Chum Chums. To find the animated stickers, one only has to go in the emoji section and then to the stickers section.

How to download WhatsApp Stickers (WhatsApp animated stickers)?

WhatsApp Stickers

To download WhatsApp animated stickers, open the chat in the WhatsApp app, click "Emoji icon" in the bottom bar.

Select the “stickers” option located at the end of the screen.

Then, click the created ” + icon " to the right of the stickers section. This will open a store stickers for WhatsApp built-in lists many sticker packs to choose from.

Once you open the WhatsApp Stickers Store, you will be able to see the new animated stickers added to the “all stickers”list. These stickers come with a play button right next to them, which will help you distinguish between normal and mobile WhatsApp Stickers.

Click on the sticker pack you want to download, and preview the stickers by clicking on it.

You can click on the “download WhatsApp Stickers " option at the bottom of the screen. Once downloaded, WhatsApp animated stickers will be added to your stickers section, you can now use them in chats with your friends or family members.

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