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Innovative project ideas during the corona crisis (detailed explanation of 5 ideas)


Innovative project ideas during the corona crisis
Innovative project ideas during the corona crisis

The situation was and remains cruel to everyone without exception. Countries are being wiped out, companies are closing their doors and families are dwindling.

As an entrepreneur and an opportunity-seeker, you cannot give up in this situation - even if it is tempting to give up-but you must seek to turn it into an opportunity that enhances the current reality for you and those around you, especially as the market itself is recording new successes and moving fast. So what's stopping you from moving on, too?

As they say, creativity comes out of the womb of suffering, and that there is always possible what can be implemented. And because at winners we mean to turn winners and entrepreneurs into leaders in their fields and communities, here's our list of the most efficient innovative project ideas during the corona crisis, and perhaps even any other crisis.

5 innovative project ideas during the corona crisis

1) e-shop project to sell personal protective supplies

What distinguishes this period from others?

Yes, it is: the image of humans with gags and the smell of alcohol is everywhere, and some companies are even innovating in the design and manufacture of these products, packaging them with innovative images that attract more buyers.

Sales of prevention supplies have increased in the recent period on an unprecedented scale, due to the outbreak of the virus and, of course, the consumption of personal protection devices has doubled.

This urgent need led to-as usual - the greed and monopoly of some companies for these products, and therefore parallel ideas emerged to sell these supplies with higher quality and more appropriate prices.

One of these ideas, is to create electronic stores to sell personal protective equipment online, making them available to a larger class of the general public.

These stores have recorded a superior success rate compared to other ideas.

Success factors for the launch of an e-shop selling personal protective equipment:

  • Contracting with one of the factories of high quality prevention supplies.

  • Get a good web hosting with an extended capacity that matches the workload.

  • Design your own brand advertising logo.

  • Study the target market and target customer category, to be able to offer offers and content to suit different segments of them.

  • Finally, a thorough study on how to build a successful e-brand to extend even after the crisis has passed.

Brand name ideas for a personal protective equipment store

  • Home of treatment 

  • Health and safety

  • Protect you

  • Entity

The most important recommendations on creating a shop for health prevention products

In fact, the tips for launching innovative project ideas during the corona crisis are similar to those in the non-Corona crisis. You have the same sequence, the same steps, and maybe even the same challenges, from analysis and feasibility study (yes, it doesn't mean that the idea is prevalent and successful that it's best suited to you or your region) to after-sales services.

These recommendations are summarized in the:

1) Analyze and study the market intensively to know the target market accurately, the opportunities to sell and generate profits in the area where you will serve.

2) analyze all aspects of the project and its launch factors. These factors start by determining how well you can provide your offerings in the target market, and even contracts whether with suppliers and shipping companies, or with marketing or distribution agencies (if you will need one).

3) determine the category and target audience of this activity. Note that we did not say the target market, the market means the vast field that includes all the aspects you need for these products. It may be outside or inside your country. They may be individuals or even government institutions is huge.

What we mean by the target audience is the group of persons who possess the protest FYI, they don't, and you at the same time provided them easily and in record time.

If you target companies, stores and organizations that provide these products to their customers and employees this is a category, and even this category is divided into other categories. What a medium-sized store needs is different from what a government institution needs, and certainly different from what the head of the family needs for members of his small family.

4) Business SWOT analysis of the idea of the project, to study the strengths and weaknesses related to it. This is in addition to its potential challenges and opportunities. At the end of our previous article on market research you will find a template for carrying out this type of studies.

5) the availability of sufficient funding to launch advertising campaigns, and certainly pay any fees related to e-store construction, marketing, engagements, etc.

Capital does not need to be huge, but at least you should identify some of it for the success of this project, and for the profit expected from it.

6) develop marketing strategies and plans for your fledgling enterprise, both online and traditional. This step requires you to know the basics of marketing in general, and the basics of digital marketing for beginners, which certainly includes knowledge of social media marketing.

7) include all leading brands in the field of manufacturing these products, whether global or regional in your country. That is, your store acts as an intermediary platform between your customers and these companies.

2) YouTube channel project about online learning to help students

One of the innovative project ideas during the corona crisis, which has been growing in recent times, is the idea of creating educational channels on the YouTube platform to help students in particular, and the young people in general.

As is no secret, one of the most famous decisions to reduce the prevalence of Corona was to direct the study to be online and at home, in order to reduce the level of congestion caused by the overcrowding of students.

Of course a great idea, and even pioneers in the field of self-education have been advocating it for decades like Khan Akademi and others, but the great disadvantage here is that many people do not have enough experience and background about using the internet, especially elementary school students, let alone use it for education in the first place.

And suffering is not only here for students, but also for parents (if you are one of them, you may know that the word suffering is an inadequate description!).

Thus, creating a YouTube channel that specializes in online learning to help students may be a successful idea during that period, especially if it includes content that educates parents and students about how to study online and time-use skills.

If you have enough experience in distance learning, whether self or with your children, you can use this channel to spread your knowledge in a simple and seamless way to suit students and parents.

Success factors for the launch of a YouTube channel about distance education

  • Naming the channel as easy to trade and pronounce.

  • Simple advertising logo design for your channel. It has colors and visual elements that are comfortable for the eye, inspiring confidence and enthusiasm for study, and maybe even something fun. Like yellow, blue and red.

  • Possession of sufficient information in the field of distance learning. Be careful to provide important value to the viewer, not just duplicate or random content.

  • Having the presence and the ability to speak tactfully from behind the camera.

  • Having high or medium quality (temporary) imaging tools, and sufficient knowledge of the basics of editing and video editing software.

  • Finally, study how to launch and manage a professional YouTube channel with a consistent quality format.

Top recommendations for creating a YouTube channel about online learning to help students:

As we said in the previous point, the tips are one whether it is innovative project ideas during the corona crisis or during others. Although YouTube channels also make a profit, the success factors here are slightly different.

It is no secret to any sane right now how much cheap content YouTube is full of, whether from Arabic or foreign. But you need to know that as good as the content you create, you will reap exceptional success and profit both physically and even morally.

Our tips are summarized below:

1) possess sufficient knowledge to deliver unique and valuable content to viewers. Remember that there is a lot of shoddy content, and you want to differentiate yourself with content that offers real value that makes your followers there specifically for you.

You may not need to be a professor to assess the educational content, you can always search on the internet sources and reference books out content unique to the listeners. Only you need to be sure of the credibility and validity of this information.

2) before we share this advice, you need to accurately determine who you are targeting. Students, parents, professors?

Your targeting will greatly determine the way you address and deliver, from playful, active, simple, serious, academic or other.

Respect for the mentality of the masses is an essential feature of any content provider. You don't want to feel the pupil is ten years you explain quantum physics, and you don't want to feel like a guardian you tell him a bedtime story.

3) Configure your channel to profit by activating the ads feature. You can also hire funders for books, apps or websites that are relevant to students or the target audience, so you get a percentage of the profits if your viewers click or buy these services.

You can also use affiliate marketing, one of the most popular and largest sources of profit via YouTube, social media platforms and blogs in general.

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3) project for manual work at home

Although difficult manual fields are practiced by both sexes, women are more famous in this field than men. There is no real reason for this, but perhaps this can be traced back to women's innate ability to take care of details.


Handicrafts are considered one of the best innovative project ideas during the corona crisis and outside the corona crisis, and we have talked about them previously in no place on our platform as small and profitable enterprise opportunities for females and as one of the project ideas for productive families.

In general, manual labor is an opportunity all the time. Although many underestimate the effort involved, knitting and spinning the maker with her eyeliner and for nights all. But it remains the help and survival of many families for decades and even today in that warm image of a mother or grandmother who weaves, sells to neighbors and spends on their young.

From your room or on the sofa of your home, you can launch your own project too, and in the specialty you want or want.

Manual work departments

  • Crochet

  • Sewing

  • Embroidery

  • Printing

  • Manufacturing gifts

  • Clothing design and sale

  • Antiques and wax industry

  • Porcelain industries

  • Accessories

These examples are among the handicraft sections, but there are many of them, so if you have a skill in one of the handicraft sections, you can exploit them whatever and market them to the category you need.

Handicraft Project Success Factors

1) at least one hand craft is highly professional, some craftsmen are more and more professional, such as embroidery, sewing or crochet, knitting, and others.

You can always improve and enhance your level and skill through online handicraft platforms, YouTube or even traditional courses in centers (but those that are concerned with maintaining social distancing and prevention measures).

2) availability of quality raw materials and resources at favorable prices, and availability of sources of purchase to supply them constantly.

3) develop a plan and targeting strategy for the right audience for your products on different platforms. Work on marketing these products whether on social media platforms, online stores or personal store.

4) having advanced imaging tools for product imaging, as well as professional handling of image enhancement software and sites.

Recommendations for manual labour

1) quality is everything.

If you or you are a creative craftsman, you may well know the importance of the quality of the materials and materials you use, so we cannot stress enough on the use of high-quality materials even if they are slightly more expensive.

When you feel the buyer the quality of the product proposed by you, he'll probably give his gratitude by presenting your services and personal.

2) offer more options

Yes, we know that the professionalism of one field or one type of field increases the quality of products, because the manufacturer has explored all its aspects.

In our communities, however, the trend of appreciation and acquisition of handicrafts is still relatively early despite its wide spread, so it is important to provide customers with a wider range of products to choose from.

The more exhibits and options available, the more they want to acquire more variety.

If you're only a professional in one area, that's fine, but let yourself develop non-stop and try new ideas.

3) patience is the key to profit

As much as the fun and beauty that surrounds manual work in general, it doesn't take much effort to know how difficult it is and the long time that may be wasted in editing and improving only. So the devil is in the details of everything else in life, but here aesthetics and uniqueness are all in the details.

This project needs patience and a long mind. If you have a short fuse, this work will make sure to prolong it for you.

4) build close relationships with customers

The clients you target, who are given by your handicrafts, are in fact sharing a part of their imagination and reality, and you are sharing a part of your creativity, your art, and even your age.

Therefore, in them to turn these relations into more than just a commodity and profit. Remember that a happy client is the largest and most efficient means of publicity for you. You need 10 satisfied and happy customers more than 100 fidgeting and angry.

5) inspire something new every day

Because your field depends entirely on creativity, and because creativity is born of inspiration and familiarity. You have to devote even a few minutes a day to the work of other creators, whether on Pinterest or Etsy.

We also advise you to follow and authenticate creators from the same field and neighboring fields to expand your circle of knowledge.

4) healthy meals project

You may have noticed the recent uptick in healthy foods and meals especially at a time when everyone relies on their own immunity to protect them in the midst of this pandemic.

Some are also fully employed, perhaps working from home, or taking care of their injured loved ones, while at the same time not ensuring that restaurants offer them a healthy nutritious meal that enhances their immunity and overall health, and certainly saves them time.

Healthy meals project success factors

The success factors of this idea are no different from other factors of success of innovative project ideas during the corona crisis. Things may vary slightly depending on the idea of the project, but the rules remain the same. Perhaps you have read some already in the previous sections in this article, but we want to emphasize.

1) launch a premium brand name on the project idea

And to carry with it something that raises the sense of warmth or health of customers. Don't choose a name that complicated or too long, and don't make the opaque as well.

2) Locate the kitchen

Maybe you'd like to divorce it from your own kitchen, or rent a kitchen or even a small residence to get started. You can always start with the simplest resources, expand with the expansion of future work. Just make sure to be near the majority of your target customers.

You don't want to make them wait too much, or to eat cold!

3) develop a menu according to the needs of the market and Target category

You can survey your target group very easily if you're targeting local customers such as your neighbors or residents of a particular area, or using social media survey tools. Or even make an extensive list and give customers the opportunity to choose to their liking.

4) provide all necessary resources

In this case, our guess is that you will need human resources either to help you cook, to deliver, to receive orders, or to manage the page or the store electronically.

You'll also need financial resources to spend on gadgets, kitchen rentals (if you need one), bicycles, coolers, etc., as well as digital and print advertising.

And certainly, food resources. Because you specialize in healthy (or even unhealthy, depending on your culinary abilities of course) foods, you should use fresh fruits and high-quality food items.

First and foremost, you want to take the health of your customers seriously, because this is your competitive advantage over other restaurants or shops; so you have to do everything to enhance it, not weaken it.

5) knowledge of culinary arts

Although it is an intuitive idea, but the culinary arts are slightly different from folk eating or traditional food recipes that we know and grew up on.

According to your feasibility study, your customers may be amateurs of certain non-traditional desserts or meals and need some expertise and technology to cook them.

Culinary arts will also teach you how to take care of and cook traditional food in New and different ways. And how to even take care of the cleanliness and order of the kitchen and varieties in general.

Recommendations for creating a healthy meals kitchen

1) project feasibility study

While food is the most successful project, it does not always necessarily succeed. Studying the feasibility of the project before its launch is a critical issue to ensure the availability of its success factors, and knowledge of the axes of deficit and power in it.

Maybe you have all the factors, but you're missing an important element such as cooking or lack of delivery mechanisms or whatever.

It is also critical to study the market and target group with great precision and diligence. Perhaps the market is already satisfied and there are enough competitors and customers who don't really need this idea, or need something different related to food or other.

All this you will know only by studying and researching the market.

2) flexible team selection

Although you may be able to cook and manage orders and advertisements on your own (for example), it's a little hard to imagine you delivering as well.

You may not need a huge team, but at least you'll benefit from some delivery assistants, product purchases, or even kitchen help especially if you receive more than one order.

It is important in whatever team to be flexible and respectful of customers, and certainly to respect the issue of spacing and take precautions seriously.

3) interest in offers

Humans like to see those words that prompt them to hurry, that make them feel that an opportunity might be missed. And nothing better than a delicacy to take care of!

Offer your target or potential customers a range of offers to motivate them to buy and take on your fledgling project. These offers may be a discount on certain items, a certain combination of meals offered or may offer free meals.

5) home delivery project

If you own a bicycle, a car or even an ordinary bike, now is the time to turn it into a source of profit.

Although here we discuss innovative project ideas during the corona crisis; to emphasize the importance of distancing and saving oneself and families from the virus. But what we mean here is to facilitate transportation and delivery for those we mentioned above or who are suffering alone and need to receive or deliver goods.

The very idea of transport and delivery is old, older than Corona and those all-new crises. But it was and still is an appropriate idea to earn a side or full profit, where you can work part-time for an organization or project or even on one of the popular delivery apps such as Messenger or Talabat.

Food delivery project success factors

1) owning a licensed means of transport

Whether it's a car or even a conventional bike, you can always hire it for delivery work as long as it operates legally and non-contravention.

In addition to having a fixed number and a dedicated phone to work and receive orders, you can also install scheduling apps to facilitate communication. You don't want to leave your client's product or to confuse numbers together.

2) promote yourself

Like any other project, you need a marketing and Publicity; in order to start faster access to customer requests, and there are several ways by which you can promote the project through:

  • Create a dedicated page for this project, listing all the necessary details about your service and the contact information needed for customers to reach you.

  • Make advertisements and paper prints and distribute them to shops, shopping centers and restaurants specially.

  • Install or create an advertising banner on a main street that also includes service details.

  • Contract with online stores that sell products, or sell products on Facebook or Instagram, and offer work within their delivery and shipping services.

The most important recommendations for the success of the draft order

1) as we said, having a valid and legal means of transport and driver's license. It is advisable for the entrepreneur to be familiar with the interior of the area in which he will work to be able to connect quickly and avoid traffic and roadblocks.

2) adhere to a clear schedule from the beginning, especially if you are working part-time at first, so that your daily and personal schedule does not interfere with the new work.

3) knowledge of the way of keeping transport inside the car or on the bike, whether regular or pneumatic, so that the products are not damaged or lost altogether.

In the end, we can not really list all possible suggestions for innovative project ideas during the corona crisis for you to implement. The list is limitless, because the needs of human beings are renewed day by day, and every crisis brings a bouquet of opportunities that those who go through it must be flexible enough to exploit for their own benefit.

What we can advise you to do is to be flexible and opportunistic, keep an eye on the details and gaps, to know which is best suited to you, and which ones have the resources to fill them.