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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Direct marketing.. Definition and advantages


Direct marketing.. Definition and advantages
Direct marketing.. Definition and advantages

Direct marketing is one of the oldest marketing tools and strategies, but it still exists and is widely used by seasoned marketers; especially since the current technological development has facilitated this task and made this marketing strategy more effective.

Through some modern technical tools, and through artificial intelligence, marketers can turn their direct marketing strategies to customers who have already shown a willingness to market the product.

We will ensure, through technological media, that we do not go to a customer who is not interested in our products and services, and therefore we will spare our efforts to those who are really interested, and who are likely to accept the purchase.

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What is direct marketing?

"Entrepreneurs" will try to point to a range of direct marketing definitions, so that things are well reflected in the reader's mind, among which we mention the following..

Direct marketing is defined as a promotional method that involves providing information about your company, product, or service to your target customer without using an advertising broker.

In other words, it is an attempt to get rid of any mediation between the producer and the consumer, and it is also a targeted form of marketing that provides information of potential interest to the consumer identified as a potential buyer.

A third definition sees direct marketing as a type of advertising campaign that seeks to achieve a specific action in a selected group of consumers; in response to a communication action by the marketer.

This connection can take many different forms such as: regular mail, telemarketing, point of sale, etc. One of the most commonly used methods is direct email marketing.

Thus, it can be said, for short and specific, that direct marketing is the activity that involves the use of mail, telephone, fax, and other tools of direct communication with the customer (who is still a potential consumer) in order to obtain a response from him to various marketing offers.

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Direct marketing
Direct marketing

Advantages and benefits

The advantages of direct marketing are not only that it helps you promote your product/ service well, or communicate with the right customer, but there are many advantages that this type of marketing has, some of which can be mentioned as follows..

Reaching the right customer

One of the advantages of direct marketing is that you can communicate with the right customer, who has at least an initial willingness to buy the product you are shopping for, and then in this way you achieve two gains: first, you save your time and effort, and second, there is a real possibility of boosting your sales rates, as long as you

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Reduce marketing budget

One of the advantages of direct marketing is that it helps you reduce marketing expenses; you are turning to a consumer who already has a pre-ready, as we mentioned earlier, and then this will help you to set the right marketing budget; and you will make a budget that is perfectly proportional to the size and number of the segment you are targeting.

You, in this case, do not throw your nets into the sea and wait to get any kind or quantity of fish, but, on the contrary, you will know, even before throwing the nets into the sea, what kind and what fish you will get, and from here you are saving both effort and money.

But you won't reach this stage and won't check this place only after conducting extensive research about the customer, their needs, and the quality of the products they are looking for.

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Customer loyalty

This is the goal of almost all marketing efforts; marketing in its clearest and deepest definition is "establishing a profitable long-term relationship with customers", and while it is true that there are many marketing methods and strategies that enable you to reach this end "customer loyalty", direct marketing is one of the most famous of all these strategies.

That's because, in terms of origin, it gets up on the intense communication of customers and trying to adapt products and services to their needs, and as long as they get what they want then why stop buying from you and communicating with you?

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