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Sunday, June 20, 2021

How is successful marketing evaluated?

How is successful marketing evaluated?
How is successful marketing evaluated


Everyone agrees that marketing, for any company, is an important and vital activity, but, despite this, most people in this field do not know how to evaluate successful marketing; it is not enough, therefore, to do marketing and itss various activities and tools, but we must succeed in these marketing taks.

The success of companies depends on the success of marketing; by evaluating successful marketing we will first be able to see whether our marketing plans and strategies are on track, and then, at a later stage, we will be able to make significant gains through this successful marketing.

Of course, these gains are many and numerous, not least building the company's reputation in the market, strengthening the loyalty of existing customers of the company and its various products, and finally attracting new customers of the company constantv, Successful marketing is one of the most prominent tools that protects a company from customer erosion, thus ensuring its survival in the market, and the continued flow of profit to it.

Methods of measuring successful marketing

As long as we agree that evaluating successful marketing is a necessary and crucial step, depending on the overall success of the company, we need to know how to evaluate our marketing strategies and plans, which can be done through the following steps:

Marketing campaign planning and tracking

How do you evaluate your marketing plan if you don't have a plan?! It makes sense, then, to plan the marketing campaign you want to launch, and to think in advance of all the steps you will take later, so that you can proceed on a well-thought-out, clear and specific basis.

The first thing, then, in terms of measuring the marketing effectiveness of your various tools and strategies is to plan, in advance, everything you will do in your marketing campaign that you have decided to launch. Needless to say, if one company may launch several marketing campaigns simultaneously and in parallel, but each marketing campaign is seeking to reach certain goals, differ from the objectives of each other campaigns.

Specify which channels you want to use

In fact you can reach your marketing goals with a lot of tools, but the marketing savvy shows in choosing the right tool that enables you to reach your target customers, But this requires dividing the market into different categories and segments, then to target one of these segments, and in the end, after a thorough study of the category that you have decided to target, use the appropriate marketing tool that enables you to influence that category, and push it to engage with you and demand your product.

Return on investment

It is known that marketing campaigns require significant expenses, and in order to make sure that our marketing efforts are successful we have to compare the expenses of each marketing campaign individually with the sales achieved through each campaign individually, then we can determine whether our marketing strategy is successful or not.

Review of sales figures

This is the easiest and simplest way to assess the successful marketing; as you can, by comparing your numbers in the current period corresponding period of last year, of knowing you work your plan marketing properly or not, only that it was taking into account many factors such as higher prices or business expansion.. Etc.

successful marketing
successful marketing

Customer response and feedback

This is the most important and best criteria to measure how efficient your marketing plan is; that is, the response and reaction of your target customers is the real indicator of how successful or failed you are, You need to keep a close eye on this so that you can quickly and quickly adjust your route in case of errors or slips.

Marketing expansion

If your product is reaching new customers, opening new markets, you are sure to go in the right direction; it means that you have succeeded in influencing existing target customers, reaching new customers, and winning over competitors, which means that you are achieving head-to-head marketing success.

Competitors ' response

It is not just customer response that is important or can be seen as an indicator of the success of your marketing plan, but also the behavior of your competitors; trying to imitate and track you means that your plan is effective and effective, and vice versa.

These are some of the methods of evaluating successful marketing that can be considered as signs or indicators of the success of a company's marketing efforts, and therefore must be carefully considered and taken into account in order to ensure the company's success and prosperity.

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