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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Psychology of sales.. Everything depends on you

Psychology of sales
Psychology of sales

Selling is a frustrating process in most cases, and the salesperson is always faced with rejection, not to mention various obstacles and other obstacles, but this profession, nevertheless, is one of the most profitable professions, and by mastering the psychology of sales and familiarity with its origins it will be possible to be a successful salesperson.

When we apply Pareto's famous 20/80 Sales Rule, the result is as follows: 20% of salespeople get 80% of the money, which means that the incomes of these people are quite high, but what discourages people from advancing in this area is their lack of knowledge of the psychology of sales, which we will try to point out.

From the beginning

To be clear from the outset, it is imperative to say that a large part of the success of a sale depends more on the salesperson himself than on the commodity or product he sells; people, according to the famous rule: "decide emotionally and then justify logically."

That is, the more confident a sales man is in himself, the more passionate and enthusiastic his resolve is strong, the more he manages to succeed in his arduous task as we all know. And if people "decide emotionally" it is the veteran salesman who can play on these emotions, find the delicate chord to hit on, and play the melody of the piece of his own product.

It goes without saying that the different techniques and methods of selling can be easily learned, but, first: their application is important, this on the one hand, and secondly: the application of these principles and rules will not be feasible unless the behavior of the salesperson _ during the sale process at least _ is consistent with them, and responsive to them.

Let's remember that customers are smart, and assuming that they are not is stupid, and then they are able to determine and discover how much you believe in what you say or not; so we said that everything starts from you as a salesperson, so be it from you.

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One of the crucial things in sales psychology that results-positive or negative-depend on is that your self-perception of yourself affects your business in general; if you imagine, for example, Or even if you stop, you won't be able to sell more than 5 pieces of this product or that it is certain that these five pieces are far enough through the day.

Some studies suggest that you get 10% of your expectations, so it depends on you and your expectations. But if you want to raise the ceiling of your expectations, first of all, as a key element, you have to be convinced of its ability to do so and beyond.

Moreover, your concept of this fundamentally and clearly influences everything you do in a sales cycle, which leads us to say that success in sales, as in any other field, is a personal decision, not to mention something that can be reached through perseverance, training and experimentation.

This is something that entrepreneurs, salesmen and every success-seeker must take into account; the psychological aspect and the subjective concepts are the basic ground on which we base our rationale, and it is the very one that leads us to success or throws us into the abyss of failure.


Psychology of sales.. Everything depends on you
Psychology of sales.. Everything depends on you

Basic constraints

More specifically, there are two fundamental barriers, according to Brian Tracy author of the Psychology of Selling, in the sales process: the fear of failure, and the fear of rejection, which are the same two constraints that necessitate attention to the importance and feasibility of the psychology of sales in question.

The more self-esteem, appreciation and confidence you have managed to overcome these two disabilities; failure is an essential element of success and one of its prerequisites, and successful people understand and memorize this by heart.

Rejection is inevitable in the sale process; it doesn't make sense for everyone you offer to buy from you, but you need to be aware that this rejection is not personal, That is, when people refuse to buy from you or even have an initial meeting with you, it means that they are not interested in the product at the moment, and that this rejection of the product is not for you personally.

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