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Saturday, July 10, 2021

how to make money on youtube (explain 5 different ways)

How to profit from YouTube without AdSense
How to profit from YouTube without AdSense

 Entrepreneur Michael Johnston says that even if advertisers pay huge amounts to promote their products and services through YouTube ads, YouTube always keeps a percentage of that money for itself, and the rest goes to the accounts of the content creators themselves.

The good news is that Google AdSense ads are not the only opportunity for creative content creators to make a profit from YouTube, as there are many ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense, through which good profits can be made either directly or indirectly.

In this article we will discuss together the most important and popular ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense, to be an alternative for every content maker who wants to make good profits from their channel in different and innovative ways.

In case you want to profit from YouTube through the ads that it makes available to content creators... we have made a comprehensive guide that you can access through the link below:

Ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense

Before you start viewing routes, you need to imagine your YouTube channel as a way to get a web presence, and imagine your videos as visual content that enables you to get visitors.

Based on this, the idea of earning from YouTube without AdSense, basically stems from how you can leverage your presence on the YouTube platform, and how to invest your YouTube video visitors in the best way possible to generate profits.

Here we have to make it clear that the ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense can be direct ways to make a profit, and they can be indirect ways.

The indirect methods here stem primarily from the marketing opportunities and possibilities that can be realized from YouTube videos, which represent long-term profitable opportunities.

Here's an explanation of the most important and famous ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense:

1. Profit from YouTube by selling your own product

how to make money on youtube
how to make money on youtube

Through your YouTube channel you can market your own products, sell them to your followers, these can be tangible products such as T-shirts or accessories, innovative handmade items, or any other tangible product suitable for your YouTube followers.

It is also possible that the products you will sell are digital products, such as courses, programs or digital books. In this case, you can make videos that directly talk about the features of your products, or make videos that talk about certain ideas related to your products, and during or at the end of the video you can salve your own products.

About getting the product there are two methods either produce it yourself, or buy it and sell it with the achievement of profit margin, in both cases you need a place to store the product, the nature of this office depend on the nature of the product itself.

There are also more than one option, including converting your video viewers to your own professional store, or setting up direct contact data and concluding a sales agreement with each individual customer.

2. Profit from YouTube by selling your own service

how to earn money from youtube
how to earn money from youtube

This method of earning from YouTube is similar to the previous one, but in this case you will sell a service to your followers on YouTube instead of a product.

This service can be party organization, website SEO, video montage, photo editing, or any other kind of Service.

Let's take an example to illustrate: if you're a photographer, you can make videos where you talk about ideas for creative photo sessions, you can put tips on wedding photography, and during or after the video ends you can advertise yourself as a photographer ready to offer your services to your audience.

3. Profit from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing

earn money from youtube without adsense
earn money from youtube without adsense

Affiliate marketing means selling other people's products or services for a commission on each sale. Thousands of companies offer attractive offers to attract marketers or owners of platforms such as blogs and YouTube channels to promote their products.

This method of profit from YouTube is very suitable for owners of product opinion channels, which address specific products to examine and mention their advantages and disadvantages, or compare them with other similar products.

Once you have found the right product for the content of your YouTube channel, you can access one of the stores that sells this product, and have a system for profit sharing or commission marketing.

Subscribe to the affiliate marketing system and start making videos about the product you want to market by commission, and do not forget to put the affiliate link in the video description, and also do not forget to direct viewers to access the affiliate link to buy the product.

This method is not limited to marketing third-party products, but it is also possible to market Third-party services. There are a lot of services that you can market with Commission for third parties.

Also the commission is not necessarily realized by completing sales, but there are other types of commissions for downwood operations, downloading applications and games, and experimenting with software..Etc. (there are companies that specialize in this type of commission allows companies to CAP)

If you're interested in this method, you'll find a detailed explanation of the steps in the article in the link below:

How to profit from Affiliate via YouTube (comprehensive guide)

4. Profit from YouTube by making brand advertising videos

how to make money on youtube with a small channel
how to make money on youtube with a small channel

This method is great for large and famous channels, one of the most profitable of all. The idea of advertising videos is very similar to the idea of television advertising, but in this case the video does not have to be absolutely advertising, but perhaps the hint of the brand, the mention of its name or one of its features, or even its appearance in the video is enough.

Whatever the idea your channel is about it is possible to use this profitable method with it, all you have to do is have a YouTube channel that gets a great deal of views and has a good reputation, and then the offers will come to you from themselves.

If you already have a popular YouTube channel, but haven't gotten the right offer yet, then you can reach out to one of your favorite brands and start discussing the deal.

Note: there is a kind of video that has spread a lot in the recent period and it is sponsorship videos where you find the owner of the video announcing at the beginning of the video that this video is sponsored by the Fulani company, and this is by prior agreement with the company, which is mostly for money.

Note: This method of profit also works with Facebook pages or Facebook videos, or any page that has an audience of followers on a social media site... and companies have recently begun to take a keen interest in the idea of influencer marketing.that is, marketing through people who have an audience interested in the company's specialty.

5. Profit from YouTube by using the channel to attract visitors to your blog

how to make money on youtube without monetization
how to make money on youtube without monetization

If you own a blog or website, you can use your YouTube channel to get visitors to it, increase browsing and visibility in search results, and then increase its revenue.

Make a video in which you explain what your site is talking about, what it offers its visitors, and then upload it to your YouTube channel, through which you will get more visitors, as well as improve the ranking of your site in search engines.

In fact, opportunities don't stop when you make a single video talking about your site, but you can make dozens or even hundreds of videos talking about explanations of what your site offers.

Ideas and feedback about earning from YouTube without AdSense

We have developed a smart plan from the beginning

You have to make a real and clear plan for your channel that includes your target audience, content type, posting rate and everything else. It may initially require a lot of effort, time and possibly money, but if you succeed in making a strong channel with a high viewership this channel may turn out to be a source of great profit.

It is very important here to determine the method of profit from your channel before proceeding with its creation, because this will make you work intelligently in the direction that serves the method of profit from your channel, and then your channel will appear professionally, and through it you will achieve the highest level of profit.

Understand your YouTube audience well

In order to start earning from YouTube in one of the ways we mentioned above, you need to understand your audience well, so as to determine which ways of earning will be more meaningful and suitable for it.

In this regard you need to identify and understand these points:

  • Gender: determine whether your targeting is male, female, or both.

  • Age: indicate the age range of your ideal followers.

  • Geographical location: the most important country or cities whose residents would like to see you, which brands in turn target.

  • Viewing time: the percentage of viewers interacting with clips while watching.

  • Interests: customize interests, commonalities, and topics that attract your audience and drive them to follow you.

Above all you have to care about the quality of your videos

To profit from YouTube it takes a lot of effort, and a lot of time to get professional videos that attract more visitors.

Here are some tips and points to follow to get good videos:

1. use professional imaging equipment

Even if you only have your mobile phone's camera, it is important to be efficient and high quality. Also make sure that the lighting is good, the volume level is appropriate, and stay away from loud music at the first clip or stalking the video content itself.

2. Prepare the loop well

Let your thoughts be arranged and written before, and your speech is streamlined. Keep away from lengthening aimlessly, according to statistics, if the viewer is not attracted by the first 10 seconds of the clip, he will not care to complete it.

Always make your content meaningful and interesting, offer value to your viewers, and put an attractive title to the video that encourages them to see it.

3-indicate the sources of your topics

Add sources of information mentioned in the video if necessary, to add a glimpse of professionalism and credibility.

4-take care of the introduction

Put the introduction of Mobile Design – Motion Graphic intro if necessary, don't make it more than 10-20 seconds.

5. Take care of Sioux

The profile section was structured in an attractive and structured manner and included a brief description of the content of the clip, the basic promotional links and sources as mentioned earlier.

Add custom and accurate search words to improve the appearance of your clip in search engines. And notably titled Video and make it expressive of the content.

At the end of our article, we would like to point out that the ways to profit from YouTube originate mainly from that: YouTube is where you can get a huge amount of visitors, and then you can invest those visitors in the form you prefer that suits you and generates the most profit.

So above all you have to pay attention to building a good, outstanding YouTube channel with a high level of views.

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