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Sunday, July 11, 2021

How to profit from YouTube (your guide comprehensive free)

How to profit from YouTube
How to profit from YouTube

 There are a lot of articles that talk about the profit from YouTube in a lot of locations, and today I don't intend to add a new article to this list, but I intend to provide integrated guide, exclusive, reliable, and completely for each young Arab takes to profit from YouTube.

Today I will put in your hands a comprehensive guide through which you can become a real YouTuber, successful, famous, and able to earn thousands of dollars consistently and content, and in legitimate ways that comply with YouTube's laws and conditions.

Here are some of the most important points that I will address in this guide:

  • I will outline the most important points that make YouTube an exceptional opportunity to make a profit online.

  • I will answer in detail the question, “What do I need to earn from YouTube?”.

  • I will put before you the steps you need to follow in detail in order to actually start earning from YouTube.

  • I will put between your hands a set of tips and the very important points that will help you in your journey to profit from YouTube.

  • I will put in your hands a range of professional courses on the yodemi platform that will help you greatly to succeed.

These are the main aspects that will be addressed in the article, but that's not all in the middle of the lines during the company will learn a lot of important points, including:

  • Answer the question of the rate of profit from YouTube, how much you earn from a thousand views.

  • Terms of profit from YouTube with a simple and easy explanation, and how to achieve it.

  • What to do in case you don't have the skill you need to profit from YouTube.

  • A collection of important links to YouTube, including YouTube educational academy, terms and Conditions page, copyright policies page, etc.

On top of that and because we at winners devote an entire section on YouTube and how to profit from it, you'll find me occasionally posting links to other articles on explanations, ideas and specialized information on certain points.

You will find links to articles such as: how to choose a channel idea, explain the steps to create it, ways to promote the channel, How to get higher views, explain the trend strategy, explain various other ways to profit from YouTube... etc.

Before we start de tell you that the profit from YouTube requires time, effort, and investment as well, in fact the results that can be harvested are worth the time, effort and investment required.

Your first test of making the effort required to succeed has come, which is to study this entire guide with focus and attention, and to read the related topics that I will refer to during the guide.

Believe me this will save you a lot of time and effort in the future, and will avoid you making a lot of mistakes, so do not be lazy and pass your first Test.

Why is profit from YouTube an exceptional opportunity for everyone?

1. video in general and YouTube in particular are an excellent way to communicate any idea in an easy, simple and effective way for internet users.

2. the internet user is often lazy, so he prefers to see what he wants on the internet with the least means of effort, and this is precisely what is provided by YouTube videos.

3 - according to statistics, about YouTube, it alone attracts approximately two million users per month.

4-because of the profit-sharing system offered by YouTube, video producers have become more motivated to make videos in the utmost efficiency and professionalism and to cover all human concerns.

Based on this, YouTube users have come to trust it as a search engine and use it not only for entertainment, but to answer all their questions and solve all their problems.

5.YouTube is an opportunity for everyone who has a passion or interest, to turn that passion or interest into an opportunity to make a profitable and growing profit.

6 - YouTube is not a chance for a certain class of content creators, but it opened new horizons and opportunities for photographers, designers, movie studios, actors, directors..Etc.

In short, YouTube is an online version of the world of cinema and television, it is a more innovative and flexible version, its doors are open to everyone without discrimination, and you, my friend, have every right to enter through its open doors.

What do I need to start earning from YouTube?

# 1 YouTube channel idea

YouTube channel idea
What do I need to start earning from YouTube

This point is considered the most important and most dangerous point of all in the way of profit from YouTube, and if executed intelligently and wisely it shortens a lot of effort and lost time in the future.

To test the success of the idea of a YouTube channel, you have to evaluate it according to two main themes:

And they will be expressed here by these two questions:

Question one: will your channel be about an idea that you're really good at?

There is always a common factor among all YouTube stars, or to say among all successful and famous YouTube channels, that factor is that they are really good at what they do.

Take, for example, one of the popular and successful YouTube channels specializing in teaching makeup to girls. You will find that the girl with the channel or the presenter of the article is really interested in the world of makeup.

She has great knowledge about this world, and you will always find her seeking to know and learn about the field of makeup to offer something new to her followers.

Here you must as a YouTube profit aspirant, have the idea of a YouTube channel that revolves around a field that you are really interested in, knowledgeable and well-informed about, and have a passion and love to always learn in this field.

Question two: is there an audience that cares about what you intend to present in your channel?

Suppose in the previous point, you're interested in astronomy and space and create a YouTube channel on this topic, in the next point to evaluate the size of your audience expected:

Here are some points that will help you understand the size of your potential audience:

1-use the Google tool to measure the search rate for keywords (Keyword Planner), enter the most important keywords that will revolve around your channel and below the monthly search rates for each word.

2-Search YouTube for channels similar to the one you want to create, and write down the number of subscriptions in each of them (remember that the lack of subscribers may be due to poor quality of the channels, not the lack of an interested audience).

Some channels that offer diverse content may contain one or more videos specific to your channel Idea, also without the number of views per video.

3 - search in the social media about groups or pages talking about ideas identical or similar to the idea of your channel, and the size of these groups and the level of thinking about them.

As for how to define your channel idea on YouTube, or to get Channel ideas ready, go back to the topics below:

Profit from watching videos

 how to make money on youtube

# 2 skill set

skill set
skill set

Now you have the idea of a YouTube channel according to your interests and passions, which you found to have a large segment of the audience already interested-so cool you now have to figure out what skills you need to start implementing the idea.

Although working as a YouTube publisher is something that is flexible, and can be started with minimal possibilities, there are some important skills you have to have in case you want to create a promising and fast-growing YouTube channel.

I'll list some of the most sought-after skills in the YouTube world, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need them all to start your channel and profit from it, there may be certain skills you won't need depending on the nature of your channel.

Also it is important to say that the majority of YouTube channel successful and profitable is not based on one person, but behind her the whole team works with various specializations, so you as a sniper don't have to possess all the skills that we will mention below:

First skill: speaking, speaking, acting, explaining and commenting

Of course you have to have the skill to match the nature of the content you intend to present in your channel, and to clarify let's continue our example of space and astronomy... you have to have good skills in communicating information and commenting on Hot News in the space world, and the ability to explain and simplify difficult concepts..Etc.

Second skill: photography

Video quality is a very important element to reap more views, and then make more profit, and of course video quality depends heavily on the photographer's photography skills.

Third skill: editing, editing and directing

Good photography without good output is nothing, so in addition to good video shooting, there must also be skills to produce it professionally, and this requires some effort in learning and gaining experience.

Fourth skill: marketing

Everything that happens through the internet needs marketing efforts to come to fruition, and this applies to profit from YouTube as well.

As a YouTube channel owner, you have to have some knowledge and skill on how to market your videos and channels, whether through YouTube itself or through other social media, or through a separate blog for your YouTube channel.

What to do if you don't have the skill you need to profit from YouTube?

What if you don't have some of the skills mentioned above and want to start under any circumstances, is there a good alternative you can rely on us without fraud to learn all these skills? Actually, yes, there is an alternative.

The alternative here is to outsource specific tasks that you don't master, for example, you can rely on yourself in the filming phase (if you're good at it), and rely on external sources in the editing phase, for example.

In fact, there are three different forms of external sources, which you can rely on to complete tasks for profit from YouTube.

That's a clarification for both of them.:

Figure I: getting a partner

Assuming the same as our previous example, which is that you are good at shooting and not good at editing, then you can find a partner who does the editing and making videos for a percentage of the profit.

Figure II: hiring an freelancer

The second form of outsourcing is to find and contract someone who is good at the skill you are looking for, for example, you can agree with him on a certain amount for each video he edits and prepares.

Figure III: reliance on self-employment platforms

From my point of view this is the easiest and fastest ways to get outside sources to complete specific tasks. With free work platforms you can accomplish the tasks you want very accurately and at an excellent price.

For those who do not know what freelancing platforms are: they are platforms that act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers in the services market, with which you will find services in all kinds of tasks that come to your mind.

For example, in the world of video industry you will find services for making all kinds of videos, specialized services in making the introduction of videos, special services for editing videos, special services for sound effects, etc.

Read also: Affiliate Marketing Without a site – Can You Do It in 2021?

One of the most important and popular freelance platforms is this, on which you will find professionals in the video industry. You might be surprised to learn that there are more than 1,000 services on Pfeiffer that are targeted only to YouTube channel owners.

Which covers all aspects of YouTube's success and profit, ranging from Channel creation, marketing, video creation, marketing, professional introduction design, etc.

You can see it yourself through the link below:


#3 set of equipment and tools

set of equipment and tools
set of equipment and tools

It is generally known in our lives that good skills require the acquisition of the right tools to implement them and turn them into concrete work. Also, in the profit world of YouTube, all the skills mentioned above need tools to come to fruition.

Before you start to include the list of tools needed in the world of YouTube, we should also point out that as an aspirant to profit from YouTube you do not have to have all the tools that will be mentioned below, the tools required in your case depend heavily on the nature of your channel and the content you want to provide.

1 - filming equipment

Your photography equipment can be your personal mobile camera, or it can be specialized and sophisticated heavy photography equipment, including lighting and sound recording equipment.

2-video creation and editing software

They are specialized programs in creating and editing videos, adding some parts at the front and end, making visual tricks...etc.

Of course there are marketing tools that you will also need, and you can learn about them through the topic of the best e-marketing tools for all disciplines.

#4 financial budget to meet the expenses

financial budget to meet the expenses
financial budget to meet the expenses 

Profit from YouTube like any other business, it needs investment to grow and grow in order to get faster growth and greater return.

You need to have a financial budget to meet your channel expenses (e.g. hire freelancers to do certain tasks, do paid advertising campaigns, etc.).

You have to commit this budget towards your channel, here investing in your channel will save you a lot of time and effort, and it is your fastest way to get a channel that generates a satisfactory profit for you.

# 5 business plan

business plan
business plan

The plan is the crown that will reward all your efforts with success, the element that connects all the previous points and makes them work together in harmony, in short the plan is the way to success.

In the first to fourth points I addressed the profit requirements of YouTube in general, but at this point I will give you the keys that will enable you to know which of these requirements you will need, depending on your particular situation.

Here are a bunch of questions you need to answer to determine your business plan.:

Question one: what kind of videos do you intend to post on your YouTube channel?

Of course there are a lot of options here, and this is the best known:

  • Appear on the face, to debate or explain an idea or information, or try to entertain the audience through comedy.

  • Diverse live photography (e.g. videos of animals, archaeological areas, or landscapes..Etc.), it is possible to have with audio commentary.

  • Show off your video content fixed (such as images and written text) with audio commentary.

  • Advanced visual content with background music to illustrate an idea or information (such as animation, animation or Motion Graphics).

  • Recording from the screen(mostly it is to explain a program or to record any educational activity from the screen directly).

Question two: will you work alone or will you form a team?

Through the process on your own can save a lot of money, and exploitation in other aspects such as marketing, but also your job alone, you lose a lot of opportunities for rapid growth, as you can't single-handedly do everything impeccably.

In any case this point is related to your budget, the nature of the channel you intend to create and the format of the videos in it.

Question three: what is the size of the budget that you will invest to profit from YouTube?

The size of the budget is an extremely important element in your plan to profit from YouTube, financial investment can shorten a lot of time and effort, and can achieve rapid growth rates, but what is important here is to prioritize and distribute the budget according to importance.

The budget, of course, depends on a lot of factors, such as the quality of the videos, participation versus employment of others, the rate of publication, the volume of growth required..Etc.

Question four: what time do you intend to devote to profit from YouTube?

Of course working part-time will never bring the results that can be obtained with the full dedication of time.

Question five: what method do you intend to use to profit from YouTube?

Everyone knows the traditional way to profit from YouTube by placing Google Ads, but really there are a lot of other ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense.

These include affiliate marketing, selling a special product or service, or making promotional videos for brands... read the article below, which talks about a full explanation of a strategy to profit from YouTube and avliet:

how to make money on youtube (explain 5 different ways)

affiliate marketing: The Best Affiliate Sites 2021

Steps to profit from YouTube

The first step: create a YouTube channel

For the YouTube channel you should go back to a former community in the winners titled How to channel on YouTube, which you can find a simplified explanation for the YouTube channel and adjust its picture caption.

In any case, creating a YouTube channel is very easy, and it does not need you more than a Google account, and with a few simple steps you can choose a suitable name for your channel, and then start setting it up in terms of description and image..Etc.

Step two: start supplying your channel with videos consistently and continuously.

Start with all the power you have, and try to implement attractive and fun video ideas at the beginning, with which you can attract subscribers to your channel.

Keep posting new videos, try to avoid mistakes made in previous videos, listen to your audience even a little at first, try to please them and take advantage of their advice and suggestions, and encourage them to always share their opinions.

For some tips on creating a YouTube video, go back to the topic of howcreate a successful YouTube video.

Step three: start marketing your channel and videos

Make social media pages for your YouTube channel.

Make paid advertising campaigns on YouTube.

Ask for help from your friends, family and confidants to help your videos reach more viewers.

Try to reach mutual marketing agreements with channel owners in your own domain, or nearby domains.

Try to exploit the trend to gain more views (exploiting the trend means making videos about hot events or popular videos).

Encouraged watch my videos to subscribe to the channel, and share videos on social networking sites.

Create a blog for your YouTube channel, post text content about the videos and embed the videos in the blog. (See the steps to create a free WordPress blog.)

Step four: start making profit from YouTube

There are a lot of ways to profit from YouTube as we mentioned above, but the most important and best known through participation in the YouTube Partner Program.

It is worth mentioning that there are conditions for joining the YouTube Partner Program, which must be met to activate the profit from the channel, which is called YouTube: “eligibility requirements for joining the program”.

This is a list of terms or requirements for profit from YouTube:

  • Channel compliance with YouTube's profit making policies.

  • Be a resident of a country where YouTube Partners program is available.

  • 4000 hours watch in the last 12 months.

  • At least 1,000 subscribers.

  • Owning an account on Google AdSense and link it to the bomb.

Important points and tips on earning from YouTube

In this part, I will include a set of important points and tips that will help you in your earning career from YouTube.

1-important YouTube links

First link: YouTube guide on copyright

Through it you can learn everything about copyrights, how to avoid being hacked, and how to deal in case others hack your copyrights.

Second Link: Official Website of the creator of content on YouTube

Third link: YouTube Academy of content creators

On this site you will find great free tutorials and materials provided by YouTube for content creators.

The fourth link: YouTube's official blog for content creators.

Link V: YouTube policies towards published content

In order to succeed in the kingdom of YouTube, you need to understand the laws of this Kingdom clearly.

2. profit rate from YouTube

One of the important questions that many YouTube profit-seekers have in mind is " how much does YouTube profit?”.

The profit rate from YouTube per thousand views ranges from 30 cents (less than half a dollar) up to $3.

And profit from YouTube depends on a lot of variables, and the most important:

First modulator: geographical distribution of viewers

Of course the American viewer makes a higher profit than the Egyptian viewer.

The second variant: channel specialization

YouTube works with a targeted system to show the right ads in front of the right viewer, and of course the nature of your YouTube channel content attracts viewers with certain interests.

For example, if your channel is about reviewing the types of smartphones, naturally you will attract those interested in buying new smartphones, and then they will have ads for e-stores that sell smartphones.

If your channel is about the world of space, it will attract another kind of audience and then another kind of advertising.

Of course the price of clicking or watching each ad is different, so the profit rate is influenced by the quality of the ads that are influenced by the content of your YouTube channel.

To understand this more deeply read the article in the link below:

Third variable: target group

The profit rate from a YouTube channel aimed at young adults is different from the profit rate from a YouTube channel aimed at older people who own a business and can buy freely.

Fourth modulator: length of video time

A 3-minute video makes less profit than a 15-minute video, because more than one ad can be placed in it, but you need to consider how long the viewer stays watching the video.

Maybe the viewer leaves the 15-minute video after the second minute in case it's not attractive enough.

3 - innovation and creativity play a key role in your profit from YouTube

If you intend to present a traditional and refined idea from a lot of channels, and you want to implement it in the traditional way, I advise you not to enter the game YouTube in the first place.

YouTube viewers gravitate toward atypical creative content, and will only subscribe to your channel when they find something different.

4. Don't focus on profits at the beginning of your journey

Profit from YouTube is not like setting up a profit-generating system, but a business that should initially be aimed at pleasing the viewer, attracting more viewers, and forming a large community interested in the foregoing.

Of course by working in this direction, profits will be the obvious result of your efforts, and will inevitably come in many ways.

5-take advantage of the experiences of others but be yourself

Seeing what competitors are always doing will give you new ideas and will broaden your horizons, so following your competitors is an extremely important but !

Avoid being caught in the trap of imitating others and following in their footsteps. Create your own identity, thought and style, and always give your YouTube channel a brand that makes it special in the world of YouTube.

6. profit from YouTube is an area of investment like any other business

You don't have to have a passion and knowledge about a particular topic to profit from YouTube, you also don't have to have any knowledge about the world of YouTube and how to work as a content maker.

But you can always invest in profit from YouTube by bringing in experts, and making them self-employed-YouTube represents a great opportunity to invest money and generate a good profit.

Here we have to point out, this idea will only work if you have a reliable and experienced team, who has all the skills and potential to profit from YouTube, and it depends only on you in terms of funding.

YouTube tutorials

There are a lot of young Arabs who prefer to rely on educational courses in order to learn something, so here for the topic to be completely complete I will put in your hands a set of professional educational courses.

Which you can rely on if you prefer structured academic study (including professional video making, video marketing, etc.).

1- Make Epic Videos for the Internet

This course is one of the very powerful courses at the point of making videos professionally, where you will learn everything you need to make a great video that attracts millions of views both on YouTube and on Facebook.

Read Also: How to profit from videos Facebook (comprehensive guide)

2- YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

This course deals with how to create YouTube channel properly, will teach you how to get followers how to build a brand for your channel on YouTube.

3- 2020 YouTube Marketing & YouTube SEO To Get 1,000,000+ Views

This course specializes in teaching you how to marketing your videos on YouTube and optimize your video for search engines (SEO), file access, they watch your videos.

4- The Complete YouTube Course by YouTubers with 100mn+ Views

Coors post will teach you how to succeed on YouTube.

5- Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing for Beginners

If you want to invest in yourself, learn how to handle Adobe Premiere Pro (the most important and best video editing program), and that's exactly what this course is about.

6- YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery

This course will teach you how to profit from affiliate marketing by using YouTube as a marketing channel for affiliate products.

7- How to Create Animated Videos with PowerPoint

This course will teach you how to make great animation videos through PowerPoint.

8- Become a Successful Product Reviewer on YouTube

If you want to create a successful YouTube channel around product evaluation, this course is a great investment for you.

You can also go to the yodemy website yourself, and find the right course to learn the skill you need to earn from YouTube.

In the end, I hope that this topic will serve as a guide and guide for every YouTube profit-seeker, and I hope that the visitors of the loyal ExplanationsProwill contribute to his access to everyone interested in the world of profit from YouTube.

If you have more time, and want to see more exclusive and comprehensive content, then read the 23 best ways to make money from home during 2021.

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