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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Profit from programming, Via YouTube (Explanation for everything you need)

Profit from programming, Via YouTube
Profit from programming, Via YouTube

 Programming is one of the most demanded areas in the job market at the moment and therefore there are a lot of people who are looking for how to learn programming on the internet in general.

Since YouTube is one of the largest free educational platforms on which many rely to learn various skills, there is a great opportunity to profit from programming by owning a YouTube channel.

Profit from programming through YouTube is to share experiences and expertise; either in the process of learning programming itself, or in how to apply programming methods and their various applications through YouTube videos, and then splicing in a manner directly from the ads, or indirectly by promoting the apoptosis of information and services on their channel.

This is what we will talk about in detail in our article today and through the following elements:

  • Introduction an important short about programming and how to profit from them for beginners.

  • Why would I recommend this method for profit especially for beginners in the field of programming.

  • What quality content can you offer about programming so that you make a good income.

  • 7 ways to profit from YouTube via programming directly and indirectly.

  • How to own a professional YouTube channel.

  • Practical tips help you make profit programming through YouTube as quickly as possible.

As we talk together in this article, you'll find me answering a lot of questions that you might have in mind about profit from programming, such as:

  • Do I have to be an expert in a particular programming language or in a particular specialty until I start to profit from programming through YouTube? Or can I even start as a beginner?

  • Do I have to be proficient in English to have a professional YouTube channel?

  • Should I have professional equipment and tools to get started on YouTube?

  • What is the rate of profit from my channel new on YouTube?

I will also share with you some features from my personal experience, my humble person is a programmer and every day I learn new information from various sources.

That's why I advise you to read this article very carefully so you can make the most of it; I will also put you with a lot of sources and links that will definitely help you on your journey.

Okay? Good, let's move on to talk about the first element!

Introduction important about programming and how to profit from them

If you're new to programming, haven't started your learning journey or have a simple experience in the world of programming and want to know more about how to start, learn and develop yourself and your skills, I want you to learn next.

This article is just part of a large and comprehensive library of manuals, annotations and articles on programming and information technology, through which we strive to provide all the information and resources about programming from all aspects to our readers.

If you haven't identified a domain yet or want to learn about programming in general, I recommend the following guides:

What are the fields of Computer Science: a comprehensive roadmap that explains in detail everything you need about Computer .Science

What is programming: a practical and simple explanation of programming and the most important terms you should familiarize yourself with.

Most famous programming languages: an explanation of the most important and famous programming languages and their respective areas of use.

As for profit from programming in general, this article is just an episode of a comprehensive guide entitled “ 15 ways to profit from programming”, which represents a comprehensive map on this topic.

That's why I advise you to look at the main guide first so that you get an idea of the topic of profit from programming in general, and then come back here.

If you do and want to know all the details about the profit from YouTube programming, you will find everything you need when we talk about all the elements I mentioned earlier.

We will first start by talking about the quality of content you can offer on YouTube in the area of programming.

If you look at the guide “ best YouTube channels to learn programming ” that we published recently, or if you are a good follower of more than one programming channel on YouTube, you will notice specific video styles no matter how different the language of the videos ( Arabic or English ) or the specialization of the channel.

You will notice that there are approximately 5 types of programming content on YouTube:

1. Tutorials: videos aimed at explaining a particular programming language or technology.

2. Practical explanations: videos intended to explain a particular tool ( e.g. VScode), or to explain a particular concept in programming (e.g. CSS Transitions ).

3. Sharing experiences and learning journey: videos where a programmer talks about his or her journey, experiences, socio-economic circumstances, and the sources he or she relies on to learn programming ( you'll find many videos of this kind on YouTube ).

4. Practical applications: videos explaining practical applications using a particular programming language or technology ( such as how to automatically respond to WhatsApp messages using Python – and by the way, this is one of the first projects I've implemented when learning this wonderful language ­čśë ).

5. Tips and tips: videos that offer general tips and instructions on learning to program or using one of its different languages or tools ( such as tips for learning to program quickly – 5 tricks in javascript you don't know ).

All these videos of various kinds have a high turnout, and you will be shocked to learn that the most high turnout quality is the third type ” sharing experiences and learning journey“.

There are a lot of beginners who want to see the experiences of others, they want to see people succeed in front of them as a kind of stimulus to betray the experience themselves, they want to feel that there going through the same suffering, hardship like you don't even feel they were back to back from his experience.

In short, this means that anyone with any experience in the world of programming can profit by having a YouTube channel, even if all they have learned about programming is HTML and CSS.

By the way: if you want to learn the basics of web development, I advise you see on the Guide ” How to learn languages web development basic “.

Remember that whatever your level of experience or skill, there is a certain category of YouTube visitors who are looking for how to reach your level.

After you know what kind of content you can make to profit from programming through YouTube... let's start talking about the importance and benefits of this method of profit, which not many know!

Benefits to the programmer by having a YouTube channel

There are many reasons why I recommend you use the YouTube platform, not just for money; of course making money is good and wonderful and necessary for many people.

But there are other benefits – in my opinion more important than money-that will return to you when you have a channel that talks about programming on the YouTube platform, such as:

1. To help you understand and learn

I think you've heard the famous saying " If you can't explain something to a 5-year-old, you don't understand it well,” and I think you've also heard that one of the best ways to learn is to explain what you've learned to others.

When you explain what you've learned about programming on your YouTube channel, it helps you deepen your understanding, it helps you review what you've learned so you can become more empowered, which is a great benefit.

2. Take responsibility

Many who are looking to learn programming at the moment rely not on university education but on self-learning, which is difficult and needs patience and continuity.

When you share what you've learned with people, tell them your plans and goals you become more responsible, you have an extra incentive that helps you learn with discipline until you fulfill your promises in front of people.

3. You'll learn to challenge yourself.

Many YouTube channel followers in the field of programming ask channel owners to interpret certain terms or try a particular technology or tool. This will push you to challenge yourself and develop your skills constantly.

4. Share experiences with others

When you share what you've learned or how to learn with YouTube users you'll find a lot of responsiveness and interaction. You'll find someone who advises you, shares your experiences with you, or draws your attention to information you haven't kept in mind, which is also a great benefit.

5. Feeling good and proud to help people

When you see a comment from one of your followers that says ” Thank you you have helped me and influenced my working life ” you will feel a great feeling that motivates you, and your work on the YouTube channel will be work that helps others.

There are other benefits that will benefit you indirectly, such as:

A / build a powerful business gallery ” Portfolio": the YouTube channel will serve as a business gallery for you, a place that proves your programming skill, experience and knowledge to anyone.

B / expand your circle of acquaintances: the YouTube channel will help you meet people with similar interests, so you may find someone to collaborate with or work with in the future.

C / increase your chance to profit from freelancing: profit from freelancing is one of the most important ways to profit from programming, and the YouTube channel will indirectly help you promote yourself and what you can do, and often many viewers of your videos will contact you to ask for your help professionally.

This is unlike using your YouTube channel to promote your freelancing directly if you are interested in the field

All these reasons and more make profit from YouTube programming an excellent choice for many programmers, no matter how different their level or level of knowledge.

Having learned about the quality of content and the benefits of having a YouTube channel in programming... let's now dig deeper into how programmers make money from YouTube.

7 ways to profit from YouTube programming

There are many direct and indirect ways to profit from programming via YouTube; I will show you the best and most famous 7 ways with some important information and feedback:

1. Profit from AdSense ads

All the ads you watch before, during and after YouTube videos are arranged and displayed on the channels via the YouTube platform itself, sharing a portion of the profits from these ads with the channel owners themselves.

This is what is known as AdSense profit program from YouTube, which the owner of any YouTube channel can apply for after fulfilling certain conditions such as ” specific views – specific number of subscribers “.

Don't worry I will give you everything you need so start taking advantage of this program:

First, here's our comprehensive YouTube gainers guide, in which you'll find literally everything you need to get started.

Second, here's a comprehensive guide about Google AdSense, how it works and all the information you need around it.

Third: here's the ” what's the rate of profit from YouTube ” guide so you know how Google AdSense is calculated on YouTube channels in detail.

Fourth: here is the guide "YouTube profit terms" in which you will find a detailed explanation of the conditions you have to implement to start making profits.

2. Profit from sponsorship offers

I think you heard the phrase ” This video is sponsored by.... In many YouTube videos, whether in the field of programming or otherwise.

When you have followers and your videos achieve a good view rate you will find a lot of companies reach out to you to market their products and services for a certain amount of money.

You can also contact any company or service that you use constantly, and ask them to sponsor some of your videos, especially as you are constantly promoting their services.

This method is extremely profitable but not at the beginning of your journey on YouTube, you'll need some time to configure base of followers and viewers to profit from this method.

3. Profit from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to profit from the internet in general, all you're doing is promoting some products and services by placing the novel in the description of your videos.

These links are called "affiliate Links" and if someone uses them to purchase any product or service you get a commission.

If you now go to any YouTube video in the field of programming, find the owner of the channel talking about ” hosting company – Course – Book – program ” and click on any link to these products in the description, you will often find the affiliate link.

If you are the first time you hear about this method of earning, I recommend the ” affiliate marketing ” guide in which you will find everything you need to know about this field.

In search of affiliate programs and tools you can promote, just look at the sites of the services and tools you use, you will find titles such as Affiliate Program – Referral program, which explain everything to you to promote any service.

What's also remarkable about the profit from affiliate marketing in programming is that you promote digital services and products, and most of these products offer an excellent commission rate of up to 50%.

For example, a server hosting company, which many programmers need – I personally rely on – offers a 50% Commission on every new customer that the marketer brings in with the commission.

If you are serious and want to profit from programming through YouTube, you will find this company and yourself easily ­čĹŹ .

Read Also: How to profit from affiliate through YouTube (comprehensive guide)

4. Profit from promoting your website

If you have a website such as a blog, service or tool, you can use your YouTube channel to promote this website, thereby increasing your profits from it.

For example, if you have a blog and use it to profit from ads, you can promote it on YouTube, so the traffic and then the profit rate increase.

Read also: ways to profit from websites

5. Profit from the sale of digital products

Profit from selling digital products is one of the most prominent ways to profit from programming via YouTube at the moment especially with the frequent demand for these products.

These digital products may be:

  • E-books.

  • Courses.

  • Ready-made software templates are ready.

  • Plugins and software tools such as (Plugins – Scripts ) and others.

I think you have some experience with these products, as most YouTube channel owners sell courses and books to their followers.

Profit from this method needs some experience, knowledge and know-how of what the market needs, do not worry you will learn about all this over time, although you are already an expert.

When you get your first 10,000 followers I advise you to immediately start making and promoting these digital products.

6. Profit by promoting your self-employment services

I mentioned this method earlier when I talked about the benefits of having a YouTube channel about programming, if you are interested in freelancing and want to start it either by communicating directly with employers or by working on the most popular freelancing platforms.

You should know that the YouTube channel will help you promote your services and products, will get anyone to know you, your personality, your experience and your skill, and this helps break down barriers between you and customers and easily build trust.

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7. Profit through donations

There are a lot of YouTube channels that rely on the idea of donating or helping the content provider financially directly, for example the popular Freecodecamp channel does not rely on profit in any way even advertising and relies only on the support of followers.

There is the famous academy channel in the Arab world and others, which relies on the famous Patreon platform to get financial support from followers.

This support may be $5, or even 1 10 per month, and there are those who motivate their followers to donate by providing exclusive information ( such as posting some private videos on the Patreon platform or giving the code files used in the videos ).

There are many programmers on YouTube who prefer to give all they have is free, and only accept financial support from wealthy financially, or who give what they give information and tips.

This method may yield you good, steady income that gained the admiration and appreciation of your followers.

Now let's move on to the practical side of this article; where I give you everything you need to make a good YouTube video and adjust your channel so that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

How to own a professional YouTube channel to profit from programming

Some believe that you need expensive equipment and tools to publish videos, and many videos in the field of programming only need a good microphone and software to record the computer screen.

It is not a requirement to provide content by photographing yourself, on the contrary, as I mentioned earlier most of the programming videos on YouTube are annotations, and you only need to record the screen to show what you are doing.

I don't want you to worry at all, it's simpler than you can imagine, and we have on the winners a whole Academy of articles and annotations that will take your hand step by step.

In the following guides you will find everything you need:

How to design a professional-looking video (step by step): here you will find all the information and resources you need for a professional-looking video.

YouTube SEO: a comprehensive guide that explains how to set videos and get views from your search.

I think now you have everything in your hands to start profiting from YouTube programming from today, not tomorrow.

Practical tips on profit programming through YouTube

In the end I want to give you a set of tips and guidelines to help you make a profit from YouTube programming as quickly and effortlessly as possible while ensuring continuity.

1. Summarize the information: the easiest videos you can provide are the ones that summarize a set of information, for example: (the best Python libraries in data science), which is the information you've probably searched or are looking for right now ... why not hit two birds with one stone?!

2. Record all the projects you are working on: try to speak out loud as you work, this will make you quickly get used to making videos and talking to people through video.

3. Write a simple script: I advise you to write the text you will say in the videos, and practice it once or twice before recording the video, it is not required to write a full script word by word, it is important to specify the points and topics covered before recording the video.

4. Do not change your personality: it is true that I may have encouraged you and increased Your Enthusiasm to start this method, but the most important advice I give you next is to be you.

You don't have to offer content in a similar way to any channel you follow, maybe you don't talk too much or you're kind of shy ... it doesn't matter, it's important to be loving what you're doing and want to benefit.

5. Be honest: tell people about your real level, don't let my experience and knowledge at all, this will make you earn the respect of your followers, and thus trust you faster.

6. Organize your time: maybe the idea of having a YouTube channel is secondary to you, maybe you are a student or you have a job, so try to organize your time well so as not to affect any activity you do.

7. Keep a consistent posting schedule: it doesn't matter how many videos you post as much as it does continuity, for example, try to stick to one video each week, and over time and experience you can increase this rate if your weekly schedule allows.


Programming The Wonderful World fun too; because it's not just one or a job or a way to earn money, programming is complete lifestyle helps you to be a better human being.

That's why make good use of programming, use it in every aspect of your life as much as you can, and no doubt now you will rely on profit from programming through YouTube, or some of the other ways I mentioned earlier to make a good income that will help you in your life whatever your economic and social circumstances.

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