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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Quick capital cycle project ideas (5 great ideas in 2022)

Quick capital cycle project ideas (5 great ideas in 2022)
Quick capital cycle project ideas (5 great ideas in 2022)


Project ideas, this phrase is the focus of talk in most youth groups, especially those who have completed their university studies and recently graduated without a job. Many people aspire to have their own self-run business and make a lot of profits from it permanently and increasingly.

As a result of this accelerated life, as well as the limited income that has come to dominate the whole world especially after the economic crises to which it is exposed, many are looking for quick profit. Thus, the trend is now towards those projects that need medium or even little capital, and at the same time bring rapid profit.

If you are looking dear reader for ideas for quick capital cycle projects, follow with us this article. You will find in them ideas for profitable projects, and the capital cycle in them is fast. Plus some tips we give you before starting any project in general.

Quick capital cycle project ideas

1. Project delivery services

Project delivery services
Project delivery services

Idea summary

It is about delivering orders to homes using any delivery method. The idea also falls under the name ” delivery representative” as most online purchases now do not do without someone who delivers the item from the seller to the buyer. The idea is very similar to a shipping company but on a small scale.

Requirements for the implementation of the idea

You need to implement this project, a set of requirements as follows:

1. Means of delivery

This means may be your own car, an ordinary bike or even a motorcycle. If the range of delivery is one area, you can use the available means of transportation or even walk on your own foot in small distances.

2. List of addresses

Collect the names of shops located in a certain area which you need someone to deliver applications to their customers. It communicates directly with them in order to complete and ensure the delivery of their goods.

You can also collect the addresses of everyone who sells goods online in your surrounding area, and also communicate with them so that you can deliver these goods to consumers.

3. Offers

In order to make a particular shop whether a supermarket or any other store that introduces the idea of home delivery you must offer him attractive offers and convincing methods and methods.

For example, you can specify a certain amount to buy from more than one of the consumers to reach his orders for free, and it is agreed with the shop owner to have a percentage of this amount in return for enticing the customer to provide his purchases.

Idea success factors

  • The order or product you deliver is important to customers and not seasonal to ensure continuity.

  • The area or areas you have allocated to work in have a high or even average standard of living which ensures that you increase and continue the demands.

  • Good marketing through social media platforms, especially through funded advertising, it is the way to ensure you reach the desired audience with minimal costs.

  • Good communication way with customers. These methods vary between telephone communication or internet communication through various chat programs such as WhatsApp, Messenger or others.

  • Two or three people to help with the hookup plus you as a manager and a hookup worker as well.

2. Escrinat project (hardware screen protector)

screen project
screen project

Idea summary

It is a laser machine that cuts the screen protector of devices, whether portable devices of all kinds or iPads. The machine is operated by entering certain data for it that belongs to the machine for which the protector is to be made. Some of these machines can be controlled through an application that is installed on the smartphone.

Requirements for the implementation of the idea

  • Laser skirting machine, the average price of which reaches 10 thousand pounds.

  • Cutting board from which ounces are made. They vary according to the material made of them (ceramics-glass-plastic .... Etc.)

  • A professional marketing strategy, whether through e-marketing, communicating directly with the owners of electronic hardware stores or selling accessories for these devices.

Idea success factors

  • Very good marketing of the idea whether through funded advertising, or even heading directly to deal with the owners of shops selling electronic device accessories.

  • Easy to keep the machine both inside the home and office, it does not need much space or even certain possibilities.

  • Special Offers and discounts for quantities so that the idea is easily promoted.

  • Maintain the quality of products to quickly gain customers ' trust and keep them going with you.

  • The demand for ounces of screens or scrins has increased significantly, especially since their prices have started to decrease significantly, which has made the demand for them increase.

  • The ability of the machine to output any type of screener after you enter its data.

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3. Used edible oil recycling project

Used edible oil recycling project
Used edible oil recycling project

Idea summary

The project is a trade in used edible oils, which are needed in other industries. This trade has two ideas.:

First: in the use of these oils for the manufacture of soap used in cleaning and washing.

The second idea: to be an intermediary between companies that consider these oils as waste and then dispense with them, and between companies that need these oils in industrial processes to produce their product.

Idea requirements

  • A means of transportation for transporting oils to and from factories.

  • Vessels to fill it with oil and transfer it from place to place.

  • List of factories that produce used oils as waste and other factories that use them in their manufacture.

  • A safe place to take him as both the storage of oils, supply, request, or even store it for use in the manufacture of soap. And beware of flammable materials.

  • Soap-making materials used in cleaning utensils to make soap at home.

Idea success factors

If you want the project to take the contracting path only, in the sense that you are the intermediary between factories that give up used oils and other factories that need them.

For your idea to work, you have to Succeed:

  • Offer attractive offers and discounts to both parties (the plant that gives you the oil and the other plant that takes it) so that you are the intermediary between them.

  • Make sure that the vehicle that will be responsible for transporting oil to and from the factories is safe and equipped to carry oil vessels.

  • Keep the vessels used to transport the oil clean in a way that allows you to reuse them without fear of any deposits that may harm the soap industry.

If you intend to make soap using these used oils, you should:

  • Extract licenses that allow you to practice this project so that you do not fall under the weight of legal liability by practicing a manufacturing profession without licenses.

  • You can rely on e-marketing by creating a Facebook page and advertising through it.

  • Go to the owners of detergent shops and offer your services at lower prices until you get customers at the beginning of your project.

  • Vessels characteristic to fill with soap handmade... logo of the project and its helping a lot in the process of promoting your product.

  • A means of transportation for delivery of orders in case you rely on the promotion of the project through the internet, or even delivery of the product to the stores with which you agreed in advance.

4. Candle industry project

Candle industry project
Candle industry project

Idea summary

The idea of the project is that candles of different shapes and sizes are made from a raw wax mold. Some believe that it is a difficult process and needs certain artistic ideas.

We do not deny that they need artistic and creative ideas but this is not difficult, with learning everything becomes easy. Searching for pictures of candles through the internet will also help you in the manufacture of more and more.

Idea requirements

  • Wax ore comes in the form of solid molds.

  • Molds to form wax inside them after melting.

  • A page on one of the social media platforms for marketing. Preferably on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Camera with good shooting quality to photograph products for display.

  • A list of decoration shops for which you can supply wax.

  • Pictures of wax figures can be taken from them.

Idea success factors

  • The good material of wax used in order to produce products that suit the requirements of customers.

  • Study the market well and know the different tastes of the target audience. You can do this by entering the pages that sell candles, following customer opinions and knowing their trends.

  • Deliver everything that is new, unique and tailored to the tastes of your audience. For example, if you are targeting a rich class audience who care about wax products classically, the colors that will appeal to them are the well-known classics. If you are targeting the youth, especially the age group of 18 to 30 years old, certainly this category attracts its trendy colors, shapes and blockbuster depending on each season.

  • A good page on Facebook and another on Instagram.

  • Good photography products presented in a manner that draws attention, taking into account the photo must be very close to the truth so as not to harm the reputation of the project.

5. Trading of restaurant and cafe supplies

Trading of restaurant and cafe supplies
Trading of restaurant and cafe supplies

"Any eating project succeeds" you always hear this sentence when we ask for project suggestions from our acquaintances or friends. But because this sentence is not 100% correct, the most successful and less adventurous idea is the restaurant supplies business. Which is a profitable business cycle capital fast.

Idea summary

With the presence of mutated coronavirus and other viruses that spread as a result of the exchange of use of personal tools and eating tools, disposable food and drink items have become indispensable.

If you receive the idea of the project is to be an intermediary between the factories that manufacture these supplies whether paper or metal.

You spread the idea through social media pages like Facebook or LinkedIn. And to look for importers of these tools or even manufacturers, especially paper supplies, the use of which has recently spread as a result of the coronavirus and its consequences.

Idea requirements

  • A list of manufacturers or even importers of these tools.

  • An advertising page on Facebook or LinkedIn for easy access to the target audience interested in the foregoing products.

  • Convenient place for storing supplies.

  • Cards with promotional papers or even a catalog with photos of products for display on shops and restaurants. The catalog idea can be replaced by placing high-quality product images on the project's social media page and placing its link in the promotional card.

  • Follow the places and times of indoor exhibitions that you can participate in to showcase your products in a better way with everyone who is interested in and looking for them.

  • Attractive offers for restaurant and shop owners so you can compete with those who work in the same field. Of course, the prices with quality supplies that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Idea success factors

  • Collect good data on the places of manufacture of restaurant supplies and on the shops and restaurants that need these tools.

  • Good relations with the bank and the client for his business, look good in your relations who will support you in the realization of this project.

  • Exploit digital marketing which is the least expensive type of marketing in reaching the target customers. All advertising images from social media pages, funded ads, and a website can be used to display products.

  • Develop a good 3-month marketing plan and monitor its results carefully so that the performance of the project can be better improved.

  • Dealing with reputable manufacturers or importers in terms of physical transactions or even the quality of products. This point will result in the reputation of your business and how strong and sustained you are in the market.

  • Good management of the delivery of supplies to the customer from receiving them from the supplier or factory through the storage process until delivery to the customer at the agreed time.

  • Due to any emergency situation that may occur outside your control, you must comply with the timely re-delivery.

Important tips before starting to implement any project ideas

Surely having a new project is an idea that grabs the attention of a lot of people. This is due to the boundless ambition of some and the need for a source of income for others.

But when thinking about any project much they happen to have the shock of two things. The first is the amount of capital required to start the project. The second is a successful idea that can bring not only profit, but quick profit.

And here before the waves of ideas storm you and drag you into project ideas that may be profitable but may not be as profitable with you as you imagine, you need to know these points before you start thinking or even implementing any project.

  • Any project that serves a certain need when people is the most profitable.

  • You should not risk all the money you have, so as not to regret if a loss of the enterprise occurred.

  • Before starting any project, plan well and do a thorough feasibility study.

  • The feasibility study should include everything that is expected of a loss or a profit so don't be surprised of something I didn't plan on him before.

  • Marketing is one of the most important elements that you should be well professional or assign it to anyone who understands it.

  • Besides marketing you must identify the target audience before starting the project implementation steps. This method helps you well in implementing what people ask and thus reaching them faster.

  • If you had a source of income either through monthly salary or work in any place of the day so don't give it up unless you're sure the success of your project after its implementation.

  • Stay away from the frustrated especially those who have not achieved any achievement in their lives understand a dangerous source of negative energy.


Profitable projects are a dream for every person especially who has great experience in the labor market and wants independence from the routine of working for a particular company or enterprise.

But beware, dear reader, to listen to who draws fantasies for you in the air and promises to make profits as you sit without work just give him a sum of money. Most of these methods are either illegal or the same person is a swindler.

Also, before starting any project you should thoroughly look for the idea, its benefits and harms. And the research should also be at the legal level so that you do not lose all your money as a result of a legal error that you were not aware of. Finally, you must have the spirit of adventure with good planning before starting any project.

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