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What factors influence customer purchasing decisions?


What factors influence customer purchasing decisions?
What factors influence customer purchasing decisions?

Customer buying decisions are often based on emotional and psychological factors, including feelings with others, your experience, and social relationships.

For example: entrepreneurs need to find the problem “painful” to solve (such as high cost and low productivity) to attract customers. This does not represent the many successful startups today, including social media platforms and sites dating and fashion.

Factors influencing customer purchasing decisions

Therefore, below we review the most important guidelines on how to attract customers and put your product in the right place:

Find or even create the latest social trends

Consumers now rely on their favorite social channels and peers on social media to make emotional decisions for them, rather than relying on any kind of “cost-benefit”analysis. This extends even to business.

For example: the participatory economy is a trend that has led to many successful businesses, including Airbnb and Uber.

Strengthen relationships with popular social influencers

Most consumers now use their online access from smartphones and tablets; to interact with social networks and product reviews, and these perceived trusted sources create a society that follows their leadership, based on psychology.

Most experts agree that now these people are creating and developing more trends than classic payment ads. By focusing your marketing activities on key individuals known to exert influence in the target customer market, you can deliver messages in smoother and clearer ways.

Uniqueness and personalization element

Everyone wants to be different to stand out in the crowd they choose to join. Your challenge is to positively influence decisions about your offer by selectively determining its availability.

For example: “Facebook” attributes its early success to initially limiting membership exclusively to Harvard students, gradually expanding access to other colleges and the world. Other startups use technology to provide customized products to all customers.

Factors influencing customer purchasing decisions
What factors influence customer purchasing decisions?

Build positive relationships with potential customers

More than ever, customers want to deal with people they know, respect and trust, implicitly allowing these factors to exceed cost and other features. For you: this means going out and getting to know your customers, building a relationship via social media, and committing to a goal that goes beyond profit.

The founder of Toms Shoes set a higher goal of donating a pair of shoes to the needy for every pair sold, and found that the return was much greater than the cost of donated shoes.

Highlighting philanthropy for clients and the community

Every business leader tries to deal fairly with everyone, such as recouping a return from an unhappy customer. But these days it can go even further to please people or benefit society.

In all hotels of the series "Ritz-Carlton" employees are allowed to spend up to دولار 2000 per guest to solve his problem or improve his stay, if you try this kind of benevolence in any business customers will be extremely supportive and loyal.

Declare your values and practice them without fatigue and boredom

Consumers have a long memory, they will test your consistency, based on past experiences and feedback from colleagues. One bad or inconsistent experience will jeopardize your brand loyalty.

There are still entrepreneurs who are passionate about doing good and satisfying customers, but have forgotten to focus on a business model that generates financial return, so the goal of every business should be to do both to win.

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