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Customer feedback and how to deal with it


Customer feedback and how to deal with it
Customer feedback and how to deal with it

Business owners need to know how best to handle and respond to customer feedback not only because this is part of their duty, but because their success depends on the way customer feedback is handled.

In fact, we mean both positive and negative customer feedback; even good and positive feedback, if not handled well and effectively by entrepreneurs and business owners, can backfire later.

Not to mention that it's pre-ordained that every project should dedicate itself to meet the needs of a specific group of customers, and then the market for this project is this segment of customers.

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Dealing with customer feedback

Explationspro tries to monitor the most effective ways to deal with customers as follows..

Listening to customers

The first thing you have to offer the client is to listen to what he says, to give him a generous ear, and to be broad-chested.

Often the client needs nothing more than to feel that you are listening to what he says, there may not be a reaction that you are expected to do, but you have to listen to your client, understand him.


But if you listen to the customer complaining about a mistake or a dilemma, what you need to do in this case is not just hear, but apologize for the existence of this error.

Your role should not stop here, but work hard to try to solve the problem, and also tell the client what you have done to fix this bug.

It's good here-if you want to learn how to handle customer feedback-not to blame any of your team members, but to show the customer your true regret for the bug, and your frantic quest for repair.

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Perhaps one of the most important ways to deal with customer reactions is to remain calm, the emotion and nervousness will not do any good or solve the problem, but it _ and that third of the effects _ will deliver to the customer a negative message about the organization as a whole.

In addition, staying calm will allow you to take control of the situation and make customers feel able to solve the problem and fix the bug.


Do not think that customer feedback will be serious or that their complaints will make sense in any case; you may be surprised by extremely naive reactions, but what you have to do in this regard is take these naivety seriously.

The customer should not feel that you are mocking him or not taking his complaints or reactions seriously; people are sensitive to their social image, do not want to deal with those who do not appreciate them, and if they feel your mocking or not appreciating them they will not come back to buy from you.

Customer feedback
Customer feedback

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Timing requirements

Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical, and the more you know your customers the better you are at anticipating their needs.

But anticipating needs is not only one of the ways to deal with customer feedback, but it is a proactive way; anticipating customer needs allows you to know what they want, what they may complain about in the future, and then work to resolve it before they complain.

Power of approval

The customer does not like Who Says " No "to him or who rejects his demands, hence it is incumbent upon you _ as long as you are trying to figure out the best ways to deal with customer reactions _ to realize the hidden magic of the word"yes".

As long as customer request acceptable, logical, tell them that you can do, but tell them all the time. what you can do for them even if they didn't ask they are so explicitly. But it's important to be careful about what you say and what you promise, and if you don't, you're faced with a client who doesn't trust you in the first place.

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